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Custom spare tire covers Spare tire cover Spare tire covers

Custom Tires Covers for Your Jeep

Custom made tire covers

Across the United States, someone suffers from getting a tire punctured almost every 7 seconds on average; working out to about 220 million annual flat tires. Hopefully your spare tire is properly inflated and accessible to help you get back on the road, but only a fifth of drivers are good about checking tire pressure each month. Owning a Jeep and taking it off road might make you more likely to need your spare, so the next time you check the air pressure, you may want to consider adding a spare tire cover to protect it from the elements.

For many Jeep owners, adding stylish spare tire covers is the perfect way to personalize your Jeep and still keep the spare accessible. Finding custom made tire covers can be rather simple with some preliminary research. Depending on the vehicle and tire size, you may want to solicit recommendations and referrals from friends or other Jeep owners. Oftentimes, they can also point your to specific Jeep tire covers and their reviews. Those reviews can help you decide which are the best rated for durability and design, among other features.

Additionally, as you look for spare tire covers, you may want to research the customization options on various image bookmarking sites. For example, pinterest allows you to see other individuals customized tire covers, even saving those as part of your bookmarks for future reference. As you find clever ideas for tire cover personalization, you can also follow those users to see what other ideas they may have bookmarked. Plus the benefit of these sites are that they can link directly to a sales page if you are so inclined to purchase on the spot. Also, as users pin their favorite images to pinterest, you can begin to catalog some of the equipment ideas for later.

Thanks to technology, there are practically infinite ways to shop. Regardless of the occasion, you are certain to find something online that will help create the perfect look for your vehicle. And fortunately, you can look to others to track down the hidden gems in off road style.

Car service companies Ground transportation Travel management solutions

Three Things You Didn’t Know a Car Service Company Could Do

Ground transportation from airport

There was a time when car service companies were little more than glorified taxi cabs. Naturally, if a company believes that car services are the same way today, they might be tempted to skip the black car, and ask their employees to just save receipts. However, when your employees travel, leaving transportation up to them might appear to be a way to save money, but it comes at the sacrifice of professionalism, time, and a distracted employee. Modern car services actually offer some very innovative and convenient services today.

Travel With a Technological Spin

Thanks to mobile devices and tracking technologies, you and your employees can be much more knowledgeable when using a black car service. Depending on the company you choose, an employee may be able to book an appointment, manage the details, and track their ride while it’s in progress. Your company, in the meantime, can do the same with an online dashboard. Imagine if you didn’t have to hound employees for receipts for their travel, and could instead verify all of the details with a simple web application?

Manage Travel for Corporate Events

Corporate events can be notoriously difficult to manage. Between the catering, the multiple agendas, presentation materials, and employees, whether you are planning a party, conference, or an annual board meeting, the last thing that you want to be worrying about is how everyone will arrive on time. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry if you choose a black car service that does more than just provide ground transportation. If your corporate event could really benefit from having its own agenda, just to cover transportation, then using a capable car service to manage travel for employees and guests could be an ideal solution.

Proactive Travel Management Solutions

Flying to a strange city can be very stressful for an employee, especially when they are unfamiliar with the local traffic patterns. Some car services will actually monitor traffic and flights for you, so that your employee doesn’t have to scramble to contact the driver when their flight is running late, or early. Your company can be at ease, knowing that everything related to your employee’s transportation is being actively monitored, and handled responsibly.

Good car services do much more than just pick up and drop off employees. They can provide guidance and management around corporate events, proactively adjust to changing traffic patterns, and keep those back at the office abreast of an employee’s travel plans. These days, a modern car service is truly a must-have for any company that needs to keep its executives looking professional, arriving on time, and undistracted.