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Custom spare tire covers Spare tire cover Spare tire covers

Custom Tires Covers for Your Jeep

Custom made tire covers

Across the United States, someone suffers from getting a tire punctured almost every 7 seconds on average; working out to about 220 million annual flat tires. Hopefully your spare tire is properly inflated and accessible to help you get back on the road, but only a fifth of drivers are good about checking tire pressure each month. Owning a Jeep and taking it off road might make you more likely to need your spare, so the next time you check the air pressure, you may want to consider adding a spare tire cover to protect it from the elements.

For many Jeep owners, adding stylish spare tire covers is the perfect way to personalize your Jeep and still keep the spare accessible. Finding Continue reading “Custom Tires Covers for Your Jeep”

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Three Things You Didn’t Know a Car Service Company Could Do

Ground transportation from airport

There was a time when car service companies were little more than glorified taxi cabs. Naturally, if a company believes that car services are the same way today, they might be tempted to skip the black car, and ask their employees to just save receipts. However, when your employees travel, leaving transportation up to them might appear to be a way to save money, but it comes at the sacrifice of professionalism, time, and a distracted employee. Modern car services actually offer some very innovative and convenient services today.

Travel With a Technological Spin

Thanks to mobile devices and tracking technologies, you and your employees can be much more knowledg