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Honda civic hybrid battery cost Honda civic hybrid battery life Honda insight ima battery

When You Own a Hybrid, Good Fuel Efficiency Can Always Get Better

Honda civic hybrid battery replacement cost

In 2012, about 4.5 million hybrids were sold around the world. Undoubtedly, hybrids are better for the environment because they produce less emissions, and save on fuel use, but many hybrid owners choose to push their fuel efficiency even further. When it comes to Honda Insight mileage, there are even communities online dedicated to offering up fuel efficiency boosting tips. If you’re not sure that you want to go that far, then here are three easy steps to get you started on getting the most from your Honda Insight hybrid.

Step One: Know what you’re starting with.

Honda Insight mileage ranges, on average, from about 42 to 44 MPG. However, car owners on report MPG as high as 54 MPG, and a few report getting as low as 31 MPG. This is obviously a very wide range. It serves to illustrate that the average is just an average, and if you prove not to be an average driver, then you will not experience average results.

Step Two: Consider hybrid battery replacement.

Now that we have established what is average, and what can be aspired to, you can consider your options for improving the Honda Insight mileage. Did you know that you can increase the hybrid fuel economy by upgrading the battery? Although a battery can cost between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars in the U.S., if you choose a good third-party manufacturer, then you can get a battery that outperforms the original factory model. These newer batteries pack in more fuel cells, and take advantage of the latest technologies to deliver more power to the vehicle.

Step Three: Drive your car in a way that supports fuel economy.

Hybrid car batteries are not like other batteries
. You may have heard that with laptops and cell phones, you’re supposed to use the device until you use up all the power, and then charge it up. This doesn’t work in newer batteries, and it’s not ideal for your car battery either. Fortunately, Honda doesn’t leave it up to you to regulate when the battery starts charging, but you can control how quickly that battery gets to the point that it needs charging. Naturally, you want to slow this process down. You can take it easy on your battery by maintaining good tire pressure, and conserving momentum. Of course, some driving situations will be out of your control. For example, if your commute includes a 15 mile trek up hill, there is almost nothing you can do to conserve fuel and battery use.

Enhancing the fuel efficiency of your Honda Insight could be as simple as replacing the battery, and driving more moderately. If you want to get more mileage out of your hybrid, then start with these tips. When you own a hybrid, the only thing better than good fuel efficiency, is better fuel efficiency.


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15 passenger van Church buses

Four Reasons a Church Bus Will Be a Perfect Addition to Your Congregation

Buses for sale

There are a number of creative ways that churches arrange for transportation of their members. Some choose to operate a caravan, with five, six, or more drivers, offering to carpool other members. Some choose to leave transportation up to each individual, which can result in a frustrated group. Unfortunately, these options are neither comfortable, safe, or terribly convenient. If your congregation used buses and rented them, you may have found that the cost was reasonable, for that one time, but future trips would need to be better budgeted.

One tried and true method for increasing the comfort, safety, and convenience for your congregation, without realizing a ridiculous cost, is to purchase a used bus. Here are the benefits that are worth considering before you arrange for another caravan, rent another bus, or leave church members to fend for themselves.


One of the greatest advantages to travelling by bus is the ability to transport a large number of people, without sacrificing space. Not only are buses designed for giving passengers a maximum amount of space, but newer buses for sale may also have luxury seating and amenities, such as WiFi, and foot rests. Buses easily have more storage than any other transportation option, and can also be designed to easily accommodate wheelchairs, so that everyone has a comfortable ride.


If your congregation has ever wanted to plan a trip across the country, then you have probably already seen how the expense of transporting everyone by train, commercial bus, or by airplane, is completely prohibitive. Church buses for sale are not cheap in the short term, but in the long term they are one of the most affordable options. Because they are so popular and cost effective for churches and non-profit organizations, bus companies have realized that “church buses” are practically a category all of their own.


The greatest reason to look at used buses for your church is for reasons of safety. Take a minute, and do a quick search online for 15 passenger vans and accidents. The National Transportation Safety Board has stated that 15 passenger vans are not nearly as safe as buses, and many churches are being encouraged to phase out the use of vans that carry a large amount of passengers. A bus is better equipped with safety features, and is designed to withstand an accident in ways that vans are not.


Having everyone arrive on time at the intended destination is one major factor that drives churches to look for used buses for sale. Any church that has participated in the caravan approach knows how difficult it can be to coordinate different passengers into different vehicles, and how plans can be disrupted when one or more vehicles gets lost in transit.

There are a number of companies that specialize in selling used buses to churches, and educating them throughout the process on the costs, maintenance, and safety surrounding their use. If your church members are tired of the constant carpooling, then it may be time to consider a church bus. Choosing to look at used buses is a great first step to giving your congregation a more convenient, comfortable, safe, and cost-effective trip.