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When You Own a Hybrid, Good Fuel Efficiency Can Always Get Better

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In 2012, about 4.5 million hybrids were sold around the world. Undoubtedly, hybrids are better for the environment because they produce less emissions, and save on fuel use, but many hybrid owners choose to push their fuel efficiency even further. When it comes to Honda Insight mileage, there are even communities online dedicated to offering up fuel efficiency boosting tips. If you’re not sure that you want to go that far, then here are three easy steps to get you started on getting the most from your Honda Insight hybrid.

Step One: Know what you’re starting with.

Honda Insight mileage ranges, on average, from about 42 to 44 MPG. However, car owners on report MPG as high as 54 MPG, and a few report getting as low as 31 MPG. This is obviously a very wid


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Four Reasons a Church Bus Will Be a Perfect Addition to Your Congregation

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There are a number of creative ways that churches arrange for transportation of their members. Some choose to operate a caravan, with five, six, or more drivers, offering to carpool other members. Some choose to leave transportation up to each individual, which can result in a frustrated group. Unfortunately, these options are neither comfortable, safe, or terribly convenient. If your congregation used buses and rented them, you may have found that the cost was reasonable, for that one time, but future trips would need to be better budgeted.

One tried and true method for increasing the comfort, safety, and convenience for your congregation, without realizing a ridiculous cost, is to purchase a used bus. Here are the benefits that are worth considering before you arrange for another caravan, rent another bus,