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8 Tips for the Proper Care and Feeding of Your Mercedes Benz

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Many Americans love their luxury vehicles. Year after year, one of the best selling luxury cars is the Mercedes Benz. There are good reasons for that. Consistently, Mercedes Benz cars are listed as one that keeps its value. It is a quality car. It looks great and drives well. If you have one, you want to keep it happy. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Keep it clean. You want your car to look great and one way to keep Mercedes Benz cars looking their best is to have them cleaned on regular basis. Keeping dirt off of the paint is a good way to protect your car from the elements. You also want to make sure you
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Three Busted Myths About Using Retread Tires

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The tire industry is a big business. We spend about $37 billion per year replacing our tires. There is no escaping it. We depend on our tires to get our vehicles from here to there, and they wear out over time. In fact, even if you never drove your car ever, you’d still have to replace the tires eventually, as time caused the rubber to corrode.

The problem with throwing away your old tires and getting a brand new set is that this is super bad for the environment. It fills up a landfill, takes a long time to decompose, and wastes a ton of energy to create your new tires (it takes about seven gallons of oil to create a single tire). Not to mention, a new set of tires can really put a hole in your wallet. You could save yourself som

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Purchase the Best Tires for Your Driving Conditions

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Very few people are fluent in car language. If you have ever had to drop your car off at a mechanic, it may have sounded like they were speaking another language. You had to rely on their advice, because you simply did not know what they were talking about. Perhaps, if you have an auto inclined friend, you asked for their advice. The same language seems to transfer to your auto?s tires. You know that you need them, but beyond that, you do not understand the differences. How then, can you be sure that you are purchasing the right tires for your driving needs?

Size of tire
Different sized vehicles require different sized tires. You would not want to put large truck tires on a small compact vehicle. They would simply not fit. When purchasing tires, the retailer will ofte