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The History of Car Paint

Cars have changed a lot since the old days. Today, the auto body industry is worth about $42 billion, and it is both more difficult to get significant car scratches than it used to be; and also more expensive to get them repaired. Where years and years ago Ford was famous for saying that any color was fine for a car as long as it was black, today you can get your car in any color you can imagine. When you get scratches and dents, you can not only get a generic paint touch up kit, but a specific car touch up paint kit for whatever brand of vehicle you’re driving: Mercedes touch up paint, BMW touch up paint, or Chevrolet touch up paint to name just a few. The world of automotive paint has changed immensely since Henry Ford’s day.

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Are You Concerned about the Future Price of the Vehicles That You Will Buy in the Future?

The political world in this country appears to be somewhat chaotic right now. Between the immigration issues and the trade wars, in fact, it can often seem confusing. In spite of this confusion, however, there is a topic that seems to be important to everyone on both sides of the aisle: exports and imports. From the food that we serve to our families, to the clothes that we wear, to the cars that we drive, people around the world are anxious to find out how the latest trade negotiations will impact the prices that are paid. For example, a significant change in the import taxes for imported engines from Japan can have a significant impact. Although many people may si

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Getting Fan Clutch Holding Tools and Other Important Tools for Your Car Mechanic Responsibilities

Working as a mechanic can put you face to face with a number of different work-related situations where your ability to successfully pull off your responsibilities might depend squarely on the kind of tools you have on hand. This can be one of those professions where the quality of your tools can have a large impact on the kind of quality of work that you can accomplish. For mechanics and technicians, focusing on particular kinds of repair and maintenance is important. Along with your specific skill set, you would definitely need access to the right set of tools that can allow you to put your skill set into good use and accomplish your responsibilities. Sourcing your tools from the right place and selecting the right tools for the job becomes incredibly important in such a profession. If you look at tool distributors in your area sel

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Five Steps to Fixing Car Scratches

Your vehicle is a precious investment. It takes you places, it says something about who you are and what you value, and it’s an investment that can retain or lose value in direct response to how you treat it. One of the simplest ways to keep up the value of your car is to make sure you use a paint touch up kit to keep corrosion and peeling at bay while keeping your car looking its best.