Understanding Auto Body Repair

Are you interested in auto body maintenance? You will need to know how to repair damage to the body of a vehicle, especially as caused by a motor vehicle accident. Accidents don’t just cause scratches and minor dents, they can also completely warp the metal of the body. Understanding the basics of metal is the first step to being able to make repairs. In this video, you will learn about what happens to metal when it gets damaged and all bent up.

Video Source

The video will show you the breakdown of metal as a material and explain how a collision messes up the uniformity of that breakdown. If you straighten out a bent piece of metal without training, you will end up with a bump in the metal where the bend was. This is known as work hardening. Only with the proper knowledge and training can you straighten out the metal without causing work hardening. Otherwise, you will only create more problems and never quite be able to fix the distortion.