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4 Toyota Vehicles That Are Perfect for a Road Trip

Toyota dealership

The average vehicle will have three different owners throughout its lifespan. Statistics gathered from the IHS finds that, by 2021, over 20 million automobiles on the road will be over 25 years old. Many families are purchasing vehicles from a Toyota dealer. Toyota is well known for making vehicles that are safe, reliable, and popular. The Toyota Prius remains the best selling hybrid vehicle in the world. It’s common for families to take road trips together throughout the year. If you’re considering visiting a Toyota dealership, it’s wise to know which models are best for families. Here are four vehicles at a Toyota dealership that are perfect for an upcoming family road trip.

  1. RAV4

    The Toyota RAV4 is tailor made for spending time on the road. The RAV4 features plenty of seating room for many family members to sit comfortably. This vehicle features 18 inch wheels that work well to take your family anywhere they need to go. The RAV4 has sturdy roof rails that are capable of transporting bicycles, skis, and other equipment for families that love the great outdoors. A car dealer knows how important it is for families to travel safely. Many families look for used vehicles that are made with safe driving in mind. The RAV4 features Toyota’s Safety Sense that monitors driving conditions as well as any surrounding dangers impacting your drive.
  2. Highlander

    The 2018 Toyota Highlander is able to comfortably seat eight individuals. This vehicle features a 3.5 liter V6 engine and eight speed automatic transmission to safely get families to their next destination. Many families have a multitude of electronic devices some of which need to be charged on the road. You’ll be glad to know that the 2018 Toyota Highlander features five separate USB ports to ensure everyone stays connected. The Highlander comes with Toyota’s safety sense features.
  3. Sienna

    Toyota refers to the Sienna as the Swagger Wagon for good reason. The Toyota Sienna is capable of transporting many passengers with ease thanks to its wraparound dashboard. A decent amount of time is spent during vacations pulling in and out of parking spots. You’ll benefit from using the parking assistant cameras installed within the Sienna. The Sienna features Driver Easy Speak which allows someone driving to speak with rear passengers without having to yell loudly. Easy Speak works especially well for families that want to communicate without waking sleeping passengers.
  4. Land Cruiser

    Certain family vacations are spent in the peacefulness of nature. The 2018 Toyota Land Runners features a powerful V8 engine providing 381 horsepower. This vehicle features a multi terrain camera system that allows drivers to monitor front, side, and rear automobile conditions. The Land Cruiser features an eight inch navigation display that helps families drive safely, especially in remote environments. Many people purchasing used Toyotas are looking specifically for Land Runners due to their immense power.

In summary, there are several vehicles at a Toyota dealership that are perfect for family road trips. The RAV4 is a newer Toyota model that has remained extremely popular. This vehicle offers roof racks and plenty of seating space for larger families. The Toyota Highlander offers both power and amenities with the inclusion of five separate USB ports. Many drivers find that speaking to passengers is difficult, especially if they’re sitting in the back of the car. The Toyota Sienna features revolutionary Driver Easy Speak, allowing drivers to speak with passengers in the rear seats through use of internal speakers. Toyota makes a vehicle known as the Land Cruiser, featuring a powerful V8 engine to take those trips off the beaten path. Toyota continues to manufacture vehicles that transport families safely each day.

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