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The Benefits Of Touch Up Paint

Dulling paint is a car owner’s worse nightmare, the glimmer and overall appearance of a car depict how well it’s being kept up. No one wants to be associated with a dull and lifeless car; luckily there’s a way to fix it—automotive touch up.

Why Touch Up Paint Is Great For Your Car (And You)

You may remember the day you got your car off the lot—shiny, sleek, and new with a fantastic finish that you couldn’t wait to flaunt around town. Over the years, it takes some damages and wears and tear, and eventually, its coat isn’t so sleek and satisfying anymore—in fact, it’s becoming rather dull and embarrassing to drive around town. Vehicle touch up paint is one of the best alternatives to paying a pretty penny for a paint job that’s not designed to last. Touch up paint is not only affordable but DIY-friendly for car owners who take pride in their car’s appearance, they want it to look the best it can without breaking the bank. Touch up paint options are also fa

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Your Car is Scratched and What You Can Do

Choosing the color of your car can be a statement, a grandiose piece of art, an extension of you; an intimate part of your life like choosing which color to paint the walls of your home. There is a lot of options to choose from. Though, admittedly surprising, white has come out on top as the number one color chosen in North America. Nancy Lockhart, a color marketing specialist, has noted this choice of color has been number one since 2006.

Direct Line conducted a survey and came to the conclusion, according to the data, that 52% of all car damage reported is from the act of keying or scratched paint from various accidents both minor and major. In the case of keying, this spiteful act, if scratched deeply, can land you a repair bill between $300 to $3,000. Furthermore, insurance companies associated with home and vehicle, have linked claims of damage from hail and wind storms summing up 40% of losses for the past five years. It pays to cover your car or park it in a garage you migh