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Importance of Commercial Charging Stations for Business

Matching the demands of your customers can help boost your business. Fortunately, you donand#39;t have to change your business operations to do this these days. A commercial charging station for electronic vehicles works well with any business type, as long as you have a property.

You can get more benefits aside from additional income when you have this installed on your property. Studies show that most new car sales, up to 50% of shares worldwide, will be taken over by electric vehicles by 2040.

This research shows that thereand#39;s almost no risk in taking up the move to installing these charging stations. Other studies show that the number of electronic vehicles (EVs) on U.S. roads is forecasted to reach 18.7 million in 2030. This is about 7 percent of the 259 million vehicles, both cars and light trucks.

Are you still having doubts about how a commercial charging station can help your business? Below are five advantages of adding this to your business:

1. Boosts Business Visibility

Do you want to have free marketing for your business? You can bring in more potential customers to your site by registering for apps designed for electric vehicle owners.

Enlist your business with a commercial charging station to mobile apps such as Blink Map, Plug Share, and Charge Hub. This can effectively make you visible to people who use them.

EV drivers use these to locate the nearest business with a commercial charging station in the area. When they need to charge their vehicles, theyand#39;ll be able to find your business on the map. Youand#39;ll be ahead of your competitors since youand#39;re using a different yet practical approach in marketing your business.

When EV drivers charge their vehicle, theyand#39;ll leave it for half an hour until the batteryand#39;s full. If you have a convenience store, theyand#39;ll tend to go there to pass the time.

2. Improves Company Image

Consumers prefer businesses that participate in green operations. Having a commercial charging station for your business means youand#39;re responsible. It shows that youand#39;re taking part in the global campaign to conserve energy.

An EV charging station on your property will attract more customers since youand#39;re in alignment with their cause. If given a choice between you and your competitor, youand#39;ll get most of the votes since youand#39;re eco-friendly.

3. Builds Customer Loyalty

EV drivers tend to charge their vehicles in the same location along their route to and from work. Youand#39;ll be expecting them to use your charging services, providing more exposure to your business. These stations give instant and constant foot traffic.

Large establishments such as Target make use of electric car charging stations to encourage customers to continue to visit them. An EV driver whoand#39;s on his way home will tend to drop by and charge and shop for groceries as well. You can use the same approach with your business too.

4. Additional Source of Income

If youand#39;re operating a garage, you can easily add another source of income on top of your parking fees. A commercial charging station allows you to charge extra fees for your EV services.

With this setup, youand#39;ll be able to get your moneyand#39;s worth, not just the marketing and exposure. The extra cost you charge to your customers will eventually pay for these stationsand#39; installation cost and maintenance.

5. Tax Rebate Opportunities

Most states provide support to establishments that have EV charging stations. The government offers varying tax rebates, which can help to lessen the cost of installation and maintenance.

Up to $7,500 in federal tax credits is available today when buying electric vehicles, as offered by the United States Department of Energy. Furthermore, they also offer tax credit to businesses with charging stations to support the use of EV. You can receive a 30% tax credit or up to $30,000.

In California alone, Santa Barbara County offers up to $20,000 reimbursement when installing DC fast chargers in your property. Aside from financing options and tax breaks, the state also grants up to $6,000 per commercial charging station.

Stay Ahead of Times with Commercial Charging Stations

Make your business count. Not only will you have additional revenue sources and free marketing, but youand#39;ll also be providing your customers a way to help conserve energy. When you have commercial electric car charging stations, youand#39;re steps ahead of your competition.

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