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What Retractable Tie Downs Can Do For You And Others

The benefits of using retractable tie downs, like pop up tie downs, goes far beyond keeping whatever you are hauling from falling off. Triple AAA conducted a four year study of 200,000 crashes. Within the four years of study Triple AAA has discovered that two-thirds, that is two out of three crashes, of those 200,000 crashes were the result of improperly secured truck cargo. That is why the importance of proper cargo security, like using pop up tie downs, or bull ring tie downs, or retractable bed tie downs, or what have you. Every vehicle company comes with their own set of options for trucks, like Dodge Ram bed hooks or Ford tie down anchors.

The same study conducted by Triple AAA also revealed that debris, this could be anything from parts of cars or improperly secured cargo, claimed the lives of 500 and leaving 39,000 people injured. If safety is not the number one concern when hauling, the problem could increase with the increase in sales of light vehicles.

What is a light vehicle? Any kind of sports utility vehicle, like SUVs or vans, or light truck is considered a light vehicle. They are popular among drivers wishing for the option of doing some kind of hauling, but not quite enough to constitute the purchase of a heavy duty truck.

Light vehicles, like the aforementioned SUVs, vans and light trucks, have been number one in sales for the fifth time in a row in 2017. They control the market shares of vehicles by a whopping 64.5 percent! That equates to 17 million light vehicles sold in 2017 just in the United States auto market alone! What does this mean? The previously stated test conducted by Triple AAA might see an increase in accidents like the study discovered with more vehicles with hauling capabilities on the road. However, clear instructions and uses for pop up tie downs and the various forms of its ilk can sway the possibility. Sensible safety practices could curve that unfortunate statistic.

With pickup trucks tallying 18 percent of vehicles sold in just the United States alone, it is fair to state that you should practice safety. This goes past benefiting yourself and saving your cargo, but keeping those that drive around you a piece of mind that improperly secured cargo will not litter the road ahead of them.

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