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Winter Is Hazardous Useful Tips To Make Sure Your Truck’s Cargo Is Properly Secured At All Times

The equipment you use for your car will mean the difference between a smooth ride and a frustrating pit stop on the side of the road that lasts for hours. Which would you prefer?

If you’re a fan of safety and convenience, it’s time to buckle down and get familiar with today’s most effective truck equipment. The retractable truck anchor is among your most useful additions, keeping your cargo safe as you navigate the hazards of the everyday road. It doesn’t matter if you own the most advanced car model today or are getting the most out of a used purchase…this extra effort you put into driving smart will keep both you and other drivers safe from harm. How do you make sure your bull ring tie downs are used properly every time?

Create a personal list and follow it closely with the tips below. The weather’s getting worse and you’ll want every boost you can get!

Did You Know?

How much do you know about popular car trends today? Let’s put your knowledge to the test. The United States remains one of the biggest fans of trucks, with nearly 20% of all vehicles sold in the country being some form of pickup truck. The American auto market has sold over 18 million light vehicles since 2017, now hitting the fourth highest mark in sales history. Believe it or not, the average age of passenger vehicles on the road right now is 11 years.

The Popularity Of Light Trucks

It’s not hard to see why light trucks are sweeping the nation. They hit that perfect sweet spot of not being too large, but still flexible enough to suit couples and families. The Kelley Blue Book determined the average price of a new vehicle to be hovering around $35,000, with used cars quickly replacing new cars as the standard. Light trucks (including pickups, SUVs, and vans) have been outselling regular cars for its fifth straight year, jumping to a market share of nearly 65%. What kind of hazards should you be looking out for?

Common Pickup Truck Hazards

Car safety is one of the most important things to think about when buying a retractable truck anchor, much less any form of equipment. Not only do you have to consider hazards on the road, you also have to make sure your truck tie downs aren’t contributing to one of the biggest sources of danger on American roads. AAA conducted a lengthy four-year study analyzing car crashes, determining errant debris to be the cause of over 200,000 accidents. Two-thirds of these were the result of improperly secured truck cargo.

Preparing For The Winter

Getting your winter tires, letting your engine warm up before driving…it’s a lot of work keeping your car in tip-top shape for the winter. This is where you need to spend some extra time preparing, as a single slip in your truck bed hooks could cause a massive accident. AAA’s four-year study saw over 500 people injured or killed from errant truck debris, including stacks of wood, boxes, and glass. You’ll want to ensure your truck bed is free from ice and snow that could get in the way of properly securing your things. Don’t be afraid to double-check every time you reach your destination or get ready to leave, either.

Choosing The Best Retractable Truck Anchor

It’s time to pick the best retractable truck anchor. Unmarked webbed cargo straps in good condition are a good place to start, rated at a minimum of 1,000 pounds or (1,000 pounds WLL) per inch of width. A common rule-of-thumb to follow is the ‘weakest link theory’. This applies to the Working Load Limit (or WLL), in that using a 4,000 pound chain with a 3,000 pound hook will only result in disaster. In other words, the system is only as strong as its weakest link. Bull ring tie down installation is best done with the help of a professional, even if you’ve been driving awhile.

Good equipment is everything. Make sure your truck tie downs are as ready for the holiday season as you are.

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