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Ensure That You Drive Safe All the Time — Car Breathalyzers and How They Can Help You

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For a large number of people, driving is the preferred mode of commuting. Having your own car is convenient, and it leaves you with a large degree of control over your commutes — something you cannot always have while relying on public transit options. While driving is a pleasure and a thrill for many, there are certain responsibilities that also arise when you are driving a car. For example, people are not supposed to drive when they have had a few drinks and their reaction times have been slowed down as a result. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a legal offense, and one of the best ways to avoid any unfortunate incidents is to install a car breathalyzer ignition interlock.

DUI is a serious problem in America, with almost 30 people facing their death every day in the aftermath of drunk driving incidents, and annual damages resulting from drunk driving crashes totalling to almost $60 million. Driving responsibly is a duty that everyone should abide by, and if you have had a few drinks and need to get home, you should always ask someone else to drive or take a cab. However, accidents happen and people do not always realize that they would be incapable to carry out a drive optimally, resulting in complications.

This is exactly where a car breathalyzer ignition interlock device comes in handy. In short, it is the one device that you can install in your car to absolutely make sure that you only get to drive your car when your blood alcohol levels are below the required percentage for driving legally. Having a discreet breathalyzer installed in your car can help bring down arrest rates due to impaired driving by up to 70%.

How a Car Breathalyzer Works

There are many reputed ignition interlock companies that make effective, efficient car breathalyzer systems that you can make use of. These devices work with a simple principle — you can only get to turn on the ignition of your car when your blood alcohol level is lower than a preset upper limit, which is usually lower than the threshold of legal DUI offenses. It is a simple device that can be installed without hassle in any car, and it contains a mouthpiece where the person driving the car needs to blow into before starting the ignition. The device analyzes the breath for alcohol levels, and depending on whether it is in a permissible place, allows the driver to either start the engine or prevents the ignition from firing.

A car breathalyzer, therefore, is a simple, effective device that basically makes the decision for those who cannot make it themselves regarding whether they are fit to drive. This way, any possibility of being involved in an accident or being picked up for a DUI charge gets dramatically reduced. If you are a responsible driver, that is all the more reason to have one installed in your car to make sure that nothing goes wrong, even by chance.

If you are looking for a concrete, fail-safe measure that can help stop you from driving when impaired, a car breathalyzer ignition interlock can be your best choice. Check out car breathalyzer prices and do some research so that you can find the best system for your money, and you will always have the best results possible.

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Japan Does it Again, Creates No Battery Electric Car

Honda civic hybrid ima

Japan has one-upped the car industry once more, by inventing an electrical car that doesn?t require a battery.

Of course, the question most people have — not surprisingly — is, how? The answer: an electrified field.

Eliminating Electric Batteries for Cars — is it Possible?

The car is, right now, just a model car created by Toyohashi University of Technology and Taisei Corp. The car moves over an electrified surface of steel paths. Steel wires in the car?s tires serve as a conduit for charging.

This type of car would have an advantage over traditional cars since there would be no issue of the battery dying or needing to be recharged; on the other hand, its application for now is quite limited considering that the car needs to be charged by the road, and revamping millions of miles of roadway across the world to accommodate this would obviously be an expensive venture. Still, it represents an intriguing step forward in the car arms race, so to say.

According to Professor Takashi Ohira, who was a part of the design process for the vehicle, adjusting to this new technology may not necessarily require an overhaul of all roads — it may just require fitting existing roads with better technology. And he says that a car using this design would likely still have a battery in order to accommodate situations where the right type of road isn?t present.

While the Future Awaits, Car Owners Today Need a Plan in Place

For now, people driving electric cars are going to have to deal with their batteries ?the old fashioned way? by charging them when needed, and replacing them when they expire. Electric and hybrid technology has advanced enough so that the average vehicle battery comes with an eight year/100,000 mile warranty. Replacing a hybrid battery, though, is an eventuality for the majority of car owners, who typically own their cars for longer than this.

Hybrid battery replacement doesn?t need to be expensive as you think it is. Why? There are actually a number of companies that sell replacement electric batteries for cars. You don?t need to necessarily buy replacement batteries from the manufacturer — in fact, one of the best ways to save money is to go to a company that sells tested, guaranteed replacement batteries.

The world may not be ready for cars that have cast away their hybrid batteries just yet. With a few more years of designing and tinkering, though, who knows what might be possible? In the meantime, know what your options are for replacement electric batteries for cars. It doesn?t need to be as expensive as you think!

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Doing it Yourself Around the House

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Sometimes when things go wrong around the house, the best course of action is to call in professional help. These are times that it is simply a safer bet not to mess with things that could lead to an even bigger disaster if handled incorrectly. Not confident that you can fix that pipe without creating a flood? You should probably call a plumber. Concerned about the wiring for that light that flickers and sometimes just goes out? Maybe call an electrician. Need some work done on the siding or roof of your house? Instead of climbing up there, give a professional contractor a call. But maybe, just maybe, there are some things that don’t require a professional’s hands, at least with the right amount of research and work.

You can make your own double wire hose clamps
There are plenty of reasons you may be in need of some double wire hose clamps, and while you could go to the hardware store and find some, you could also fashion your own. Hose clamps in general can be a variety of sizes and made from several different types of materials. And within the category of hose clamps there are a wide variety of different types. You could be looking at the need for worm gear clamps, spring clamps, and wire clamps. Screw hose clamps are often used for a quick, temporary fix of a damaged pipe when something needs to be applied right away until a permanent solution can be reached. Knowing how to make your own, and having them on hand, could be quite useful in such emergency situations.

The basics of double wire hose clamps
Hose clamps are made to create the tightest seal fitting between the hose and a nipple or barb, and these clamps are meant to produce even pressure all the way around the pipe or object around which they are clamped. A good clamp will not have any gaps in that pressure. Usually that pressure is meant to be moderate, not meant for heavy duty applications. The hose clamps can be used like a step up from zip ties, or used in place of the quick duct tape fix that is often a go-to. These clamps are most often used in places around the home or maybe in a vehicle. Perhaps the most important thing to remember about using different types of hose clamps is that without a good seal, leakage is possible and probable, and you are back to where you started before you even put the clamp to use. Also, be aware of the different components that you are working with. If a clamp happens to get stuck, cutting the hose or any element could create a nick or scratch that could also lead to a leak.

There are certainly things to be aware of and familiarize yourself with if you intend to tackle a project on your own without the assistance of a professional. But whether that is a quick emergency fix or you’re attempting to save money on a project by doing it yourself, as long as you are prepared and you have the right amount of confidence, you should be looking at some smooth sailing.

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Auto Parts and the Car Owners Who Need Them

When you need to repair your Corvette but you don’t want to spend a lot on parts, there are several ways you can find what you need at discount prices. By doing a little research yourself, you can save money while getting your car fixed. One way to find parts inexpensively is to look for a Wrecked Corvette For Sale. You can get what you need much cheaper from someone who may be parting out their damaged vehicle. You can also find discounted parts by going to an auto salvage auto parts center. Pulling the parts off salvaged vehicles yourself can save more money than if you ordered from an auto parts store.

If you’re not able to get the parts from a salvaged or wrecked vehicle, ordering the part online can also save you money. There are a number of websites online that have an autopart finder, allowing you to find just the part you need at a cost that is reasonable without having to leave your home. There is an automotive online shop that will provide just what you need by doing a little research. Auto parts online shopping is becoming more popular, allowing you to get your parts more conveniently.


Not that long ago, our not too distant relatives relied on horses for their transportation. This was the case for thousands of years until the Twentieth Century ushered in the automobile. It had its problems at first, but before too long it became a sure bet that the automobile was not only here to stay, but would replace almost every other mode of transportation.
With all of the benefits of having a car, something else became clear. Cars are no more than machines, and machines will eventually break down. When a horse broke down it was very rarely fixable, but when a car broke down usually all that was needed was a new part or two. So, with the advent of the automobile came the beginnings of the auto parts industry.
When cars first came on the scene they were rare, but by the 1920s, it became the mission of Henry Ford to have a car for every home in America. If those cars were in need of repair, it was the manufacturer that supplied the parts. The more cars that came out, however, the more repairs were needed. All around the country mechanics set up shop to repair the cars of America. In order to expedite the repair process, parts specialists became a real commodity. Getting parts to the mechanics became an industry as big as the manufacturing industry itself.

Mechanics could repair the cars with genuine OEM–original equipment manufacturer–parts or with parts manufactured to fit the make and model of the car but weren’t made by the car manufacturer itself. This sped up the time it would take to repair a vehicle because the wait wouldn’t be so long for the parts, but sometimes if a car owner settled for less than genuine OEM parts, he might receive and inferior product and thus an inferior repair.
The same can be said today, but not always. With today’s automobiles, virtually anything is possible when it comes to customizing our cars. Custom projects make finding parts a challenge, depending on what you want to do. From body work and paint jobs to engine-boosting parts, a mechanic can be as creative as his imagination will take him.
But custom projects make up only a fraction of car repair needs. With so many cars on the road today, the auto parts industry boasts thousands of auto parts specialists ready to supply your car with whatever it might need to run perfectly.
Aside from repairing broken down cars, mechanics very often perform regularly scheduled maintenance. The neglect of this regular maintenance leads to many troubles beyond the maintenance itself. Over 650 million dollars in wages are lost each year because of the neglect of regular maintenance repair. Making these simple repairs and adjustments will prolong the life of your car whether you use genuine OEM parts or parts manufactured elsewhere. Genuine OEM parts tend to be more expensive, but typically come with a warranty and are much more easy to choose.
Auto parts are as important as the cars they serve. If a horse came up lame one hundred years ago, the owner would have no means of transportation. Today, our cars are our horses. If a car breaks down, we can rely on the auto parts industry to get us back out on the road.

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Merits and Uses of the Two Types on Snow Pushers

Bobcat snow pusher

When it comes to clearing snow, the most powerful machine is a snow box pusher, also called snow pushers or just box plows. Greatly prized, snow box pushers do not depend on windrow plowing, the method where plows angle snow off to the side of an angled snow pusher. Instead, a snow box pusher is capable of removing loads of snow entirely, transporting the loads to a safer, designated location.
There are many variations of this incredibly useful machine, far more than the uninitiated might guess at first. All of these variations, however, can be divided into two general categories. These two categories, and their benefits and common uses are outlined here.

Steel Trip Edge

This version of a snow pusher has a cutting edge mounted to the plow, which then scrapes along the pavement. This steel blade is spring loaded to allow it to navigate up and over obstructions. When the blade encounters something blocking its path, it springs up on a hinge, tripping over the obstruction. This type of box plow is employed in response to more frozen conditions, where the sharp blade can cut through the harder ice or frost on the ground. Steel trip edge plows require less power to operate because the steel edge creates far less drag than its rubber counterpart, however, the more moving parts a machine has, the more places is can break. This makes it a more fragile option.

Rubber Edge Pushers

These box plows have composite rubber on the edge of the plow blades. One of the first benefits of this is that it prevents snow from going underneath the machine, leaving a cleaner wake. Unlike the steel edge, rubber edge snow plow has no springs to bounce the blade, primarily because of their ability to bend and flex, making tripping over road blocks unnecessary. This type of blade may be at a disadvantage over icy ground, but anywhere with a slushy snow, these box plows essentially squeegee the water and much off the ground, leaving the steel edge version in the dust. The rubber edge can also act as a brake, but they are difficult to power up to speed, as the rubber provides extra drag.
These types are well complemented. Together, the two types of heavy duty snow plows can conquer any snow problem you might face.

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Facts You NEVER Knew About Mercedes Benz Vehicles Revealed

Export mb parts

Mercedes Benz is a fairly well-known company — in 2013, it achieved its highest annual sales volume in history, with over 312,000 units sold in the U.S. Although you may have grown up hearing the name of this car company — and associating it luxury — you may be surprised to learn some additional facts. Here?s a few intriguing things to keep in mind!

Very Hands On

Believe it or not, every single 3 M-100 6.9 and 6.3VB model has an engine that was hand-built and hand tested for over four hours to make sure it works perfectly. That?s attention to detail!

Lots of Welding

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is welded in 10,000 places total. What does this mean? Unlike other cars, there are no bolts holding it together that will work loose or fall out over time. No groaning or rattling noises that develop later in the car?s life.

Best Steering

A luxury car brand can afford to think about comfort on every level. The steering system in a Mercedes Benz car has a built-in shock absorber; this way, shocks are reduced before your hands feel them on the steering wheel!

No So-So Tires

All the tires used on these cars are of super premium grade. What does this mean? Any requirements set by U.S. regulatory agencies are far exceeded. All of their tires are dynamically balanced at the factory, including the spare tire. They can carry a passenger with luggage in continuous cruising mode.

Mercedes Benz Used Parts are Ideal

When your Mercedes Benz parts dealer discourages you from getting generic replacements, it?s not because they want to make more money off of you. These cars are made with a level of care and specificity that typical vehicles are not. Aftermarket parts can be made out of lower quality materials, or may not fit quite right in your vehicle, which can affect performance and overall longevity. This is especially true for vintage Mercedes parts. advises that, in many cases, you truly “get what you pay for” when it comes to replacement car parts.
Unparalleled Quality

Mercedes Benz vehicles have typically ranked very high for both durability and quality. In 2014, for example, Reuters found that Mercedes had the lowest vehicle recall rate of any vehicle manufacturer.

Did any of these facts about tires, steering, welding, or vintage Mercedes parts surprise you? More like this article.

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Looking Ahead Your Hybrid Battery and the Associated Costs

Honda civic hybrid battery life

Were you aware that about 2 million hybrid vehicles are now sold in the U.S. each year? As the eco-movement grows, and these vehicles become even most cost and fuel efficient, many drivers are choosing to go hybrid when it’s time for them to lease or buy a new car. And, more and more of these drivers are realizing that they will need to one day replace the battery of their hybrid vehicle.

It may come as a surprise, but hybrid car batteries don’t typically last as long as the cars they live in. Usually, the battery will last around six to ten years after the car was purchased. Here a couple of important pieces of information about hybrid batteries:

The Good News
Is that although it is an imminent cost, batteries won’t be a yearly replacement cost. It should come as no surprise that newer cars have batteries that last even longer than older cars, so the cost of replacing hybrid battery should be a stand-alone expense.

The other good news is that despite the headache it might be to eventually replace your hybrid battery, it works hard to save you fuel and money its whole life long. Even when you get new brakes installed, a portion of the energy produced is charged back into the battery.

Battery Warranties
Before you go and pay for a new battery, check out the fine print on your old one to find out exactly what the polices of your warranty are. Most hybrid vehicles now are required by law to provide a minimum of an eight-year, 100, 000 mile battery warranty. Once you start approaching the 100,000 mile mark (typically around year five), it’s a good idea to make sure you have it in your budget to pay for the cost of replacing hybrid battery.

The cost can range anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 to replace in the U.S., on average. Be prepared for this cost, and make sure to shop around to other hybrid battery replacement distributors before you settle on one price!

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Why You Should Get Your Car Through a Dealership

Used cars in ventura county

Buying a new car can be an exciting occasion. To start out you may way want to look into a car dealership. Going through a dealership can relieve some of the stress of buying a new or used car. Whether deciding to go with a new or used vehicle, here are some reasons why you should consider buying through a dealership:

  • If you are on a budget, a dealership may be a practical choice for you. Often dealerships will carry a surprisingly large selection of used cars. You can usually find a good deal and a guarantee of the vehicles being in excellent condition. Often times, dealerships are able to negotiate prices so as to try and meet your needs.
  • Auto dealerships usually come equipped with their own body shop. This means you do not have to deal with a previous owner who may not have been completely honest about things that may be wrong with the vehicle. If you want something inspected or there is a feature you would like added (for example, tinted windows) it can be addressed and taken care of on site.
  • Dealerships also provide a wide selection of new vehicles. Most new vehicles come with some type of warranty. A warranty means you can benefit from buying a car for years to come. Often times it will include a lifetime warranty of oil changes, and maintenance, often handled on site. New cars also means new tires which are usually always under warranty. Often the warranty for the tires works by either by the extended life of the tire, a certain mileage, or at least up to five years. Warranties are a huge bonus to buying a new vehicle.
  • If you already have a vehicle, most car dealers offer some type of trade-in plan, where you can use your old vehicle as a down payment for the vehicle you are looking to purchase. This is very convenient if you do not have cash for a down payment on hand. A trade-in can also lessen how much you pay over time depending on your current vehicle’s value.
  • Dealerships will often take care of all the paperwork associated with buying a car; this includes the title transfer and car registration. Car dealers will also guarantee that you will not run into any serious legal issues such as salvage titles. This is due to the fact the car dealerships have to follow certain laws. You will walk away with the peace of mind that you were not scammed into buying a worthless car.

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    Car Dealerships Can Offer Maintenance Contracts That Private Sellers Cannot

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    High school classrooms across the country share some frequent topics of conversation. Of all these common topics, the conversations about learner’s permits, driver’s licenses, and cars may be the most frequent. While parents may not be that anxious to have their just turned 16-year olds driving, many of these teenagers have long been counting down the days until they can take the wheel themselves.
    While some families have young drivers who are ready to go the morning they wake up on their 16th birthday, many other families have not even taken the first step toward the driving process when the teenager turns 17. One aspect that holds many young drivers and their families up is access to a safe and reliable car. While some families are fortunate enough to have a hidden low milage gem in their grandparent’s garage, many more find themselves working with car dealerships to find something to drive.
    What Do You Look for in a Reliable Used Car

    • Adjust your attitude and your expectations. Going into the used car search with a specific goal in mind when it comes to make and model may work, but the buyers who find the best deals often keep an open mind. If the only used cars you are willing to look at are Jeeps, for example, your search may be more limited than you want. Keeping an open mind and focusing on other characteristics beyond the make and model of a car, may help you find the better deal.
    • It’s all in who you know. While car dealerships may be a great resource for a large quantity of high values used cars, don’t forget the specific people in in the industry who can also spot a good value. A mechanic, for example, may be the first to find out about a vehicle that has been well maintained, but will soon be available to purchase. Likewise, a car body expert may come across a vehicle that needed small amounts of body work and may soon be sold by its owner.
    • Private sellers. Let friends and family know that you are looking for a good used car. Just as some owners are reluctant to get rid of a car that they know is in excellent condition, those same sellers may become more willing if they know that they have access to a good buyer. Especially if you are able to pay cash for a used car, reluctant sellers may be more likely to jump at the opportunity to sell.
    • Dealerships can offer good options. While you may not always find the prices that you want, many dealerships offer some of the most reliable cars. Full mechanic shops are able to provide thorough maintenance checks and service for the cars that they sell. In addition, dealerships can offer a great starting point for understanding the prices that you may have to pay for the car you are looking for.
    • Always use a checklist. Even the most experienced car buyers can be swayed by an especially well kept car body and interior. To make sure that you look into every detail necessary, use a checklist to make sure that you ask all of the necessary questions.
    • Always get a professional inspection. This is what can make buying a car from a friend a little tricky. While you want to be able to trust someone you know, it is always important to get a professional inspection. Some potential problems may not even be apparent to the seller.

    How To Protect a Used Car Purchase
    Just because you have purchased a used car rather than a new model is no reason to overlook maintenance. Keeping up with regular oil changes and other inspections can be more important, in fact, in used cars. While oil technology has changed during the last 30 years, many older models still do best with an oil change every 3,000 miles. Many cars have accurate sensors that indicate the need for necessary services.
    As for the exterior, a wax coat should be applied at least twice a year to protect the painted finishes from contaminates and oxidation. Even extra protection packages on new cars are not a permanent solution. Outside appearances of a car will always matter.

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    Could Your Daily Commute Be Causing Wrinkles? Why Some Drivers Want Tinted Window Solutions

    Car window tinting services

    We spend our lives sleeping, eating, and going to work. Recent reports on American productivity and time management revealed that the average American adult spends at least 90 minutes behind the wheel every day. Time spent commuting, going shopping, taking leisure and business trips, and transporting family members to work, school, and social activities does add up: we spend at least 45 hours a month and 540 hours a year simply getting ourselves from here to there.
    During a lifetime of driving, the number of hours we spend behind the wheel is truly astounding. The typical driver starts around 17 or 18 years old and drives until they are almost 80, clocking an impressive 37,000 hours in their lifetime behind the wheel for a total of almost 800,000 miles, or the equivalent of driving across the entire United States and back more than 150 times.
    In the course of our travels, we may be particularly vulnerable to the sun’s rays: windshields are coated with a thin film that works to block out the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but side windows are vulnerable without window tinting service. Studies consistently show that cars with window tinting that is designed to block UV rays can cut out more than 99%. Drivers who take long trips often comment that one side of their faces got sunburned, but they may not realize that window tinting could help them.
    Drivers without tinted windows can get as much sun during a four hour drive as they would during an entire day at the beach. A window tint on windshields and side windows could also protect children from being sunburned during longer drives, and a car window tinting service should be able to help advise car and truck owners as to the shade they need on their windows. Too much exposure to the sun can cause damage to the skin that is equivalent to the sagging and wrinkles that are often caused by smoking. Finding window tint solutions could help with existing health conditions.
    Of course, the darkness of the tint allowed by law does vary from state to state: car window tinting service providers can work with vehicle owners to discuss their state’s requirements. Some states do not classify trucks in the same category as cars, and there are websites that provide the complete range of “visible light tinting” regulations. Car window tinting service can be a necessary step toward complete protection from the sun. For drivers with long commutes, young children, or an existing skin condition caused by overexposure to UV rays, getting windows tinted could be an important and practical health decision.