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Ensure That You Drive Safe All the Time — Car Breathalyzers and How They Can Help You

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For a large number of people, driving is the preferred mode of commuting. Having your own car is convenient, and it leaves you with a large degree of control over your commutes — something you cannot always have while relying on public transit options. While driving is a pleasure and a thrill for many, there are certain responsibilities that also arise when you are driving a car. For example, people are not supposed to drive when they have had a few drinks and their reaction times have been slowed down as a result. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a legal offense, and one of the best ways to avoid any unfortunate incidents is to install a car breathalyzer ignition interlock.

DUI is a serious problem in America, with almost 30 people facing their death every day in the aftermath of drunk dr

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Japan Does it Again, Creates No Battery Electric Car

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Japan has one-upped the car industry once more, by inventing an electrical car that doesn?t require a battery.

Of course, the question most people have — not surprisingly — is, how? The answer: an electrified field.

Eliminating Electric Batteries for Cars — is it Possible?

The car is, right now, just a model car created by Toyohashi University of Technology and Taisei Corp. The car moves over an electrified surface of steel paths. Steel wires in the car?s tires serve as a conduit for charging.

This type of car would have an advantage over traditional cars since there would be no issue of the battery dying or needing to be recharged; on the other hand, its application for now is quite limited considering that the car needs to be charged by the road, and r

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Doing it Yourself Around the House

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Sometimes when things go wrong around the house, the best course of action is to call in professional help. These are times that it is simply a safer bet not to mess with things that could lead to an even bigger disaster if handled incorrectly. Not confident that you can fix that pipe without creating a flood? You should probably call a plumber. Concerned about the wiring for that light that flickers and sometimes just goes out? Maybe call an electrician. Need some work done on the siding or roof of your house? Instead of climbing up there, give a professional contractor a call. But maybe, just maybe, there are some things that don’t require a professional’s hands, at least with the right amount of research and work.

You can make your own double wire hose clamps

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Auto Parts and the Car Owners Who Need Them


Not that long ago, our not too distant relatives relied on horses for their transportation. This was the case for thousands of years until the Twentieth Century ushered in the automobile. It had its problems at first, but before too long it became a sure bet that the automobile was not only here to stay, but would replace almost every other mode of transportation.
With all of the benefits of having a car, something else became clear. Cars are no more than machines, and machines will eventually break down. When a horse broke down it was very rarely fixable, but when a car broke down usually all that was needed was a new part or two. So, with the advent of the automobile came the beginnings of the auto parts industry.
When cars first came on the scene they were rare, but by the 1920s, it became the mission of Henry Ford to

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Merits and Uses of the Two Types on Snow Pushers

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When it comes to clearing snow, the most powerful machine is a snow box pusher, also called snow pushers or just box plows. Greatly prized, snow box pushers do not depend on windrow plowing, the method where plows angle snow off to the side of an angled snow pusher. Instead, a snow box pusher is capable of removing loads of snow entirely, transporting the loads to a safer, designated location.
There are many variations of this incredibly useful machine, far more than the uninitiated might guess at first. All of these variations, however, can be divided into two general categories. These two categori

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Facts You NEVER Knew About Mercedes Benz Vehicles Revealed

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Mercedes Benz is a fairly well-known company — in 2013, it achieved its highest annual sales volume in history, with over 312,000 units sold in the U.S. Although you may have grown up hearing the name of this car company — and associating it luxury — you may be surprised to learn some additional facts. Here?s a few intriguing things to keep in mind!

Very Hands On

Believe it or not, every single 3 M-100 6.9 and 6.3VB model has an engine that was hand-built and hand tested for over four hours to make sure it works perfectly. That?s attention to detail!

Lots of Welding

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is welded in 10,000 places total. What does this mean? Unlike other cars, there are no bolts holding it together that will work loose or fall out over ti

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Looking Ahead Your Hybrid Battery and the Associated Costs

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Were you aware that about 2 million hybrid vehicles are now sold in the U.S. each year? As the eco-movement grows, and these vehicles become even most cost and fuel efficient, many drivers are choosing to go hybrid when it’s time for them to lease or buy a new car. And, more and more of these drivers are realizing that they will need to one day replace the battery of their hybrid vehicle.

It may come as a surprise, but hybrid car batteries don’t typically last as long as the cars they live in. Usually, the battery will last around six to ten years after the car was purchased. Here a couple of important pieces of information about hybrid batteries:

The Good News
Is that a

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Why You Should Get Your Car Through a Dealership

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Buying a new car can be an exciting occasion. To start out you may way want to look into a car dealership. Going through a dealership can relieve some of the stress of buying a new or used car. Whether deciding to go with a new or used vehicle, here are some reasons why you should consider buying through a dealership:

  • If you are on a budget, a dealership may be a practical choice for you. Often dealerships will carry a surprisingly large selection of used cars. You can usually find a good deal and a guarantee of the vehicles being in excellent condition. Often times, dealerships are able to negotiate prices so as to try and meet your needs.
  • Auto dealerships usually come equipped with their own body shop. This means you do not have to deal with a previous owner who may not
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    Car Dealerships Can Offer Maintenance Contracts That Private Sellers Cannot

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    High school classrooms across the country share some frequent topics of conversation. Of all these common topics, the conversations about learner’s permits, driver’s licenses, and cars may be the most frequent. While parents may not be that anxious to have their just turned 16-year olds driving, many of these teenagers have long been counting down the days until they can take the wheel themselves.
    While some families have young drivers who are ready to go the morning they wake up on their 16th birthday, many other families have not even taken the first step toward the driving process when the teenager turns 17. One aspect that holds many young drivers and their families up is access to a safe and reliable car. While some families are fortunate enough to have a hidden low milage gem in their grandpar

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    Could Your Daily Commute Be Causing Wrinkles? Why Some Drivers Want Tinted Window Solutions

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    We spend our lives sleeping, eating, and going to work. Recent reports on American productivity and time management revealed that the average American adult spends at least 90 minutes behind the wheel every day. Time spent commuting, going shopping, taking leisure and business trips, and transporting family members to work, school, and social activities does add up: we spend at least 45 hours a month and 540 hours a year simply getting ourselves from here to there.
    During a lifetime of driving, the number of hours we spend behind the wheel is truly astounding. The typical driver starts around 17 or 18 years old and drives until they are almost 80, clocking an impressive 37,000 hours in their lifetime behind the wheel for a total of almost 800,000 miles, or the equivalent of driving across the