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Auto Financing Options Often Influence Potential Buyers

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It has been an interesting and challenging freshman year in college for your daughter. Traveling south nearly 15 hours away to a small private liberal arts college in Louisiana, she has learned a lot about living on her own, staying focused on her classes, working out and competing with a college athletic team, eating and resting enough to stay healthy, and, unfortunately, filing insurance reports after a car accident. Through no fault of her own, her newly leased car was totaled when a reckless driver ran a red light and turned into her. Although she was luckily uninjured, her car is no longer drivable. And now, as parents, you find yourself again looking over auto financing terms and searching for another car.
Wading through and understanding the specifics, the advantages, and the disadvantages of finding a

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Reasons to Buy a Golf Car — Even if You Don’t Golf

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Many people think that they need to live on a golf course in order to own a golf cart. However, that could not be any further from the truth. In fact, golf carts are useful in a number of ways. Additionally, they can be a greats source of entertainment fo the whole family.
Interested in finding out why owning a golf cart is useful off the greens? Read on to find out why new and used golf carts are a fun and handy investment:

Cruise the Neighborhood
Want to take a ride around your neighborhood? If you had a golf cart, it ould be easy as hopping inside and taking it for a spin. This is an ideal choice for tailgating, following the kids around during Halloween, and more. Personal golf carts are also handy in small communities.

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