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Why Even Do it Yourselfs That Know About Hose Clamp Sizes Shouldn’t Perform DIY Plumbing Repairs

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These days, weekending warriors and do it yourselfers are stronger, fiercer, and more capable than ever before. This is in part due to all the available tutorials out there on YouTube and other social media networks, not to mention the countless number of home improvement shows that make do it yourself home projects seem easier than ever. And while some are pretty easy and can be done by a capable or experienced do it yourself fixer upper, some are still better left in the hands of a professional. This is especially true when it comes to home plumbing repairs, which can quickly and easily turn into a nightmarish, expensive, and stressful do it yourself disaster if done wrong by an inexperienced weekend warrior!

Generally speaking, people can save a lot of money by learning how to do things on their own. Whether it’s cutting or coloring their own hair, washing and waxing their own car, preparing healthy meals at home, shampooing their own carpets, doing their own landscaping, and much, much more. But refusing to throw in the towel and call a professional plumber when you’re in too deep or making the mistake of not calling a professional plumber to handle a project or plumbing problem in the first place is only going to cost you more in the end. So while you think you’re saving money, you’re actually wasting a lot of it and a lot of time as well.

Keep in mind that just because there’s an available tutorial with step by step instructions on how to tackle a plumbing problem on your own doesn’t mean you should go ahead and do it. Even if you’re one of those ultra handy do it yourselfers that’s well versed in minor plumbing repairs and some of the tools of the trade such as the variety of hose clamp sizes, how to use large hose clamps and how not to use them, as well as all the different types of hose clamps for plumbing, that doesn’t mean you should attempt any kind of plumbing repair. You may be the guru of hose clamp sizes, but when it comes to plumbing repairs, it pays to stay in your lane.

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4 Reasons Buses Get A Really Bad Rap

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In today’s car obsessed world, we believe the benefits of bus travel have gone unheralded for too long. All too often when we mention we take a coach bus for business trips or for leisure, people turn up their noses and cite discomfort or, even more worrying, not wanting to interact with fellow passengers as reasons bus travel is for the birds. But bus travel is one of the most accessible, fastest growing methods of transportation out there. Below are a few benefits of bus travel you should consider before taking that road trip this summer:

1. Buses are safe.
This is something bus companies aren’t exactly going to put in their commercials, but seriously. If you’re tooling down the highway in a giant charter bus and you have a run-in with a car, who do you think will win? The bus, that’s who. Buses are sturdier and far more powerful than cars, making road accidents less risky for bus passengers. (Just remember to ALWAYS take advantage of the seat belts, no matter how weird or ineffective they seem).

2. Buses are cost effective.
Buses are a great way to get around, especially if you’re a poor college student low on cash. The average commuter can spend upwards of $20 a week on gas alone, but if you take advantage of one of the many bus companies in your area, you can go hundreds of miles for pennies on the dollar. One of our favorite bus companies starts fares at just $1 depending on when you buy, so make sure to read the fine print and check out any potential online deals.

3. Buses are good for the environment.
We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that taking a bus is greener. Just imagine the benefits of a car pool times about 40. In fact, each full bus could be responsible for removing 55 cars from the freeway. That would greatly reduce congestion and cut down on emissions significantly. (We don’t know about you, but these 60 degree winters and snowy summers are starting to freak us out).

4. It’s so much less work to take a bus.
Granted, there are people out there who like to drive. But if you’re anything like us, AKA, terrified of the madness on a Long Island freeway, then you’ll weep with joy the next time you call up a few bus companies to book a trip. Instead of experiencing road rage, you’ll get to experience the sweet sweet taste of Adulting as you catch up on your email. Or, if wifi on a bus isn’t that enticing, just think of all the trashy paperbacks you could read while you don’t drive! Or all the naps you can take!

The bottom line is, you need to open your mind to what economists would call the “inferior good” of bus travel. You just might find you far prefer the bus to your tank on wheels any day.

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3 Situations Perfect for Chartered Buses

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Transportation is constantly growing, evolving, and adapting. Just look around. We live in a world now where there are cars that not only park, but literally drive themselves places. One of the businesses that’s been around for decades (if not longer) is that of charter bus lines. Chartered bus companies, which some call motorcoaches, have been around since really the 1800s in theory. Back then it was horses that powered the wagons, but the concept was the same. People would pay to take a ride to get to another destination.

Chartered buses are a great option for a variety of circumstances because they are convenient, relatively inexpensive (especially when you consider the overall value), and can make for a really great experience. Here are three examples of events that would be perfect for chartered buses to take you on.

  1. Business Trip: Many business executives and sale professionals are constantly traveling across the country and around the world to meet with clients and potential business partners. Typically, these people will rent cars or grab a taxi to get from the airport to their hotel or place they’re doing business, but if you’re traveling with a larger group why not go for a chartered bus?

    Not only will it make communication much easier among the team members, but it will also ensure everyone gets to the meeting on time together.
  2. Extended Family Vacation: Family vacations can be fun, but they can also be stressful and difficult to pull off. Not think about a family vacation with your entire extended family (aunts, uncles, grandparents). It could be a great time for everyone to see each other and spend some quality time, but not if you’re all in different cars and trying to coordinate plans. Charter a bus and allow the transportation aspect to be taken care of. No more fighting over directions, or who’s going to drive after a night out drinking either.
  3. Entertaining Out of Town Guests: The reverse of going someplace for business would be hosting guests. Whether it’s for business, friends, reunion, or something of the sort think about renting a bus to travel around from place to place.

Traveling with large groups of people can be extremely frustrating and confusing, but by chartering a bus you can eliminate virtually any of those concerns.