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The Advantages Of Buying A Used Car

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When it comes time to buy a new car, you will likely be inundated with offers. There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to buying cars. You could go with a literally brand new car, buying directly from a company. You could buy a used car from an ad online or in the newspaper, straight from the previous owner. Or, you could choose the sane option — buying from a used car dealership. We call this the “sane option” for several different reasons. In this day and age in particular, there is no point in in buying a brand new car. A new car begins losing value as soon as you buy it; and chances are that if you buy a car brand new, at some point or the other you will want to sell the vehicle or trade it in. A new car is not an investment; it’s a money pit. So, why not buy a used car directly from the original owner? Well, aside from the personal safety issues involved in heading out to buy a car from a stranger — as well as the risk of a scam — you simply don’t have much legal protection on your side when you buy directly from an owner. A used car dealership can offer things like warranties and much more. You’re paying more when buying from a used car dealership — on the surface. What you’ll have to pay to refurbish and repair a car bought off of an ad often ends up making the car more expensive in the long term.

Buying From A Used Car Dealership: The Real Value

As mentioned above, you will lose value when buying a new car. But how much do you lose exactly? Rough estimates have new cars depreciating by at least 20% when they’re driven off the lot. During their first year, they usually lose about 10% more due to regular wear and tear. There’s nothing good about a 30% loss in value in the first year. A used car, on the other hand, can gain value. For one thing, if a used car is well-maintained over the course of many years, it can eventually reach “classic” level at a much faster rate than a brand new car. Another great advantage of these vehicles is that value can actually be added to them in other ways. Vehicles that are three to four years old often sell for less than half the price of the average new car; however, it’s often larger and loaded with newer features. Yes, you can buy affordable used cars with new ad-ons that change their overall value. Because the car is used, it’s still more affordable. But it could in many ways have more to it.

Previously Used Cars: There’s More Than What Meets The Eye

Some feel that there is a risk involved when buying a used car. They feel that used cars are automatically “old”. In fact, the average age for all cars on the road is 11 years — and they’re still running very well indeed. Reliable used cars are actually quite easy to find; you just have to find the right pre-owned car dealership first. A good dealership will be completely honest about the car’s wear and tear. Look for things like a warranty. Many dealerships offer packages in which, should you damage your car during a certain time frame, any repairs will be free. Even without taking that into mind, there are more advantages to keeping a car for years to come.

Keeping Your Car: The Advantages

Less mileage isn’t always better. Recent research has revealed that reaching the milestone of 200,000 miles on your car could result in savings of $30,000 or more. This could take about 15 years — but think about the money you’re saving by keeping your used car rather than trading it in.

If you’re looking to a buy a car, think about a used vehicle. The payoff speaks for itself.

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Get the Right Pre-Owned Vehicle with These Tips

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Ford. It is a iconic American brand. Their F series truck has been America’s best selling truck for at least 37 years. The car company has almost 15 of the auto market share and in 2014, they generated $144 billion. If you are looking to buy pre-owned vehicle you could do worse than a Ford.

Buying a used car is a lot like buying a new one. Except when you want to buy a pre-owned vehicle, you have to decide if you want to buy it from an individual or a used car dealership. You get a lot more protection when you go the car dealer route. There are laws that protect you that you can be enforced when you get your car from a dealership that you cannot really enforce when you buy from an individual. Also, when you go to a dealership, you will be given a lot of options that an individual simply cannot offer you.

Go over your finances. You should pull your credit report before you set out to buy a pre-owned vehicle. This will do a few things for you. In the first place, it will give you an idea of what your financing options will be. You want to know what the car dealership or bank sees when they look at your credit. Going over your finances also gives you an idea of what you can spend.

Set your budget. You have pulled your credit report and looked over your finances. You know how much you can spend, now you have to decide how much you want to. When you go to the used car dealership, you should have a number that you are not going to go above. This will help the sales person, too. They can show you cars that are in your price range. Keep in mind that there are costs above the sticker price such as taxes, registration fees and other extras they tack on. In other words, give the sales person a lower number than what you can spend to factor in these other costs. When you are buying a used vehicle, you need to know what you can spend.

Go online and do some research. What do you need you car for? Are you planning to drive a lot? Do you think you will be hauling anything? If you are going to carry around a lot of stuff, a truck might be better than a small car. What you are going to use the car for should determine what kind of vehicle you go out and look at. Doing your research online will help when you go to the dealership.

Decide what features you want. When you are online you will learn a lot about the different features that are offered on different vehicles. This will help you see what features are out there and available and what features you definitely need and want. There might be some that you would like but are not essential. Make a list of what you need and what you would like. Bring that with you to the dealership.

Head on out to buy a pre-owned vehicle. When you get to the dealership, tell them you are interested in certified pre-owned vehicles. They should have a decent selection of used cars. Give them your price range and if you saw any vehicles online that were in keeping with what you want, ask for them by make and model. Now some people assume that all used car salespeople are vultures who will let no one leave their lot without buying a used vehicle. That is not true. They want to sell cars because that is how they make money but they want their customers to be happy, too.

Test drive a few vehicles. Just because it looked perfect on the internet does not mean it is perfect. You have to sit behind the wheel and see how it feels to you. Only then will you really know if it is the car for you. When you find the vehicle that feels right, make your deal. You have done your research. You are now ready to buy a pre-owned vehicle.



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Your Friendly Local Used Car Dealer Can Help You Get Your Next Car

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Are you ready to get a car? Maybe you are looking for a used car. If this is your plan, you should talk to your local used car dealer and see what they have on the lot. Here are some steps you should take when you are considering buying a car.

  • Determine your budget. The first thing you need to do when you make a big purchase like a buying a used or new car is to see what your finances are like and decide what you can afford. Have your credit report pulled so that you will know what the bank or used car dealer will see when they look at your credit. This will give you an idea as to what you can afford and will help guide your search when you begin that part.
  • See if you can secure financing. If you go to a used car dealer, they will have financing options available but even if you want to go that route, you will be in a better position when you talk to them if you have already a funding option somewhere else. What you should do is go to your bank. They know you. If you have a mortgage, that is fantastic. Your mortgage lender should be your first stop. If you do not have a mortgage, go to the bank you use anywhere. They know you. If you cannot get a loan from them, check with your local credit union and see if they can help you. They are often more likely to lend money to local people. Credit unions’ whole raison d’etre is to lend to businesses and people who are in the community.
  • Decide what you will be using the car for. What is the car your are going to the used car dealer going to be used for. Are you buying it for yourself? Maybe you want a second car. Are you getting it for a son or daughter who is just getting to that age? Maybe you want a truck for hauling things. Think about why you want to buy this new car. It may narrow down your choices. Do you listen to Jay Z, Kid Rock, and/or Mariah Carey? Maybe you want a Chevy because you know they all sing about the car. If you want an environmentally friendly car, maybe you will want a Subaru. This kind of car is made up of a lot of recyclable materials and as a result it has a 97.3 recycling ratio rate for its end of life.
  • Research cars online. So you have a rough idea of what kind of car you want to buy and why you want to buy it. The next thing you should do is go online and do a search or two. The reason is to look up the different kinds of cars and see what the reviews are for it. You might think you are definitely going to end up heading to the local Chevy dealerships (who can turn down a car that has been mentioned in more than one thousand songs?). Then you get online and you take a look at different sites and change you mind and decide you are going to go to a local Subaru dealer. The other great thing about looking up the different makes and models is that an informed shopper gets a better deal. You will have in advance information about the gas mileage and engine so you will know what questions to ask about the cars that you look at.
  • Check out the local used Subaru dealerships. Many people assume that all used car dealers are sleazy characters who are going to descend on them like locusts when they get to the dealership but nothing could be farther from the truth. They do not want to do such a thing. They want to make you happy so that you will tell your friends about them. Tell them what you want. Take a test drive or two. Pick out your car. Make whatever deal you want. Drive off the lot in your new, used car!

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How an Electric Hybrid Car Can Save You Money

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Electric cars are the future. Gas prices are very high and it has been proven that the emissions that gas puts off are very bad for the environment. Many car manufacturers have already successfully implemented electric cars that run entirely off of batteries. Some of these cars are able to accommodate both gas and electricity and some of them run strictly on electric batteries. These electric cars are better for the environment and can save owners hundreds of thousands of dollars from not having to purchase gas. Imagine if you never had to put pay to put gas into your vehicle again. However, some prices are associated with owning an electric car.

The electric car runs on an electric hybrid batter pack. These batteries run similar to the battery in your cellphone or your laptop. This means that they need to be charged regularly. Many businesses have begun installing battery recharging stations outside of them. Work places and homes also have these electric battery recharging stations. As more and more electric cars make their way onto the roads, the amount of electric battery charging stations will increase. These battery packs do need to be replaced from time to time, as well. Because hybrid battery packs do not typically outlast the car itself, nearly all hybrid car owners will be in the market to repair or replace their battery pack at some point, usually in the range of 6 to 10 years after the car?s original purchase. The cost of batteries for hybrid cars varies, depending on the type of car and the size of the battery.

Most people who choose to purchase electric cars go into it with the plan of purchasing new batteries in hybrid cars. They understand that the cost of batteries for hybrid cars will be a cost that is associated with their purchase, but that they will easily make up the money by not having to purchase gas over these years. Additionally, the cost of replacing hybrid battery is also made up in other ways. Considering that electric hybrid cars are better for the environment, you may be able to get tax incentives for purchasing one. In the United States, purchasing a hybrid vehicle can have tax incentives, and save hybrid drivers up to $3,400 dollars in taxes. This often makes the cost of batteries for hybrid cars worth it.

A hybrid car battery can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars to purchase in the United States on average. Again, this will completely depend on the make and model of the car and the average charge hold of the electric batteries for cars. You might also be wondering how to replace a hybrid battery. Hybrid batteries are relatively simple to change, or your dealership or local mechanic shop can replace it for you. Also, many of the hybrid batteries will have warranties available, guaranteeing them for a specific amount of years. This ensures that you do not have to replace your battery more frequently than normal, saving you money.

Electric cars will soon replace our regular fueled vehicles. They are better for the environment, provide drivers with better mileage and save the driver money. Drivers no longer have to purchase gas for their car and can conveniently use electric charging stations. The battery on the hybrid electric car will need to be changed every few years, but the cost is easily made up in the savings of the electric car. Electric car drivers can save money with tax incentives and with not having to purchase fuel anymore.