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It’s Time to Touch Up That Truck Bed

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Are you looking for a truck spray gun for bedliner? Whether you’re planning a DIY project or have decided to look for spray on bedliner dealers instead, you may be interested in knowing a little bit about the process and materials.

First of all, you’ll need to measure your truck bed. Standard trucks usually have an eight-foot truck bed, but you may have a shorter one, such as a 5.5-foot, up to a 6.5 foot.

There are two material types, or classes, used for spray on truck liners:

    Aromatic and aliphatic compounds

Aromatic and aliphatic compounds can be applied to your truck bed using low pressure, which is not heated, or high pressure, which is heated.

If you choose to go with polyurethane, then you can use the spray gun for bedliner at approximately 1/16-to-4 inches away from the truck’s bed. You want to pay close attention to the thickness of the coating, however.

While it is less expensive to apply a thinner coat, there’s a possibility that it could chip. When it’s applied too thick, then the coating can potentially alter the size and shape of your truck bed. If this is the first time you’re attempting to touch up your own truck bed, you may want to observe a professional do it first. After that, you can receive the proper training and safety protocols.

There are two primary purposes and benefits to using a polyurethane spray for your truck bedliners:

    Prevents scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination
    Creates a rough anti-skid or anti-slip surface

There are also two basic components to a polyurethane spray system: diisocyanate and polyol. These components are fed through the processing equipment. Once these components meet and react, they mix together and are fed through the spray gun. Once again, it is important to know how to properly use this spray gun before attempting to do this yourself.

If you’re a history enthusiast, you might be interested to know that polyurethane was developed at the beginning of World War II to replace rubber. During the mid-1950s, it was used for the following purposes:

    Rigid foams

During the late-1950s, polyurethane became commercially available to consumers for comfortable cushioning that could be molded into a variety of forms. Currently, flexible polyurethane foam is predominately used for bedding and furniture. Furthermore, it is also used in the automobile industry for flexible seating.
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How to Accurately Gauge Your Blood Alcohol Content Level

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Everyone knows that it is illegal to drink and drive. Drinking alcohol slows the bodies? reaction time and makes driving very dangerous. A person who is caught driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol will be arrested and fined. They may also face probation, community service, and alcohol classes. The problem with the law is not that it is too harsh for drunk drivers, but that there are different legal limits, depending on the state. A minor amount of alcohol in the system is acceptable, but how can a person accurately gauge that amount?

Many things factor into the blood alcohol content number. A person?s size, body fat percentage, what they ate that day, and the speed at which they drank all factor into the blood alcohol content number. The exact calculation can be difficult to determine, making it hard for those who had a couple drinks to decide if they are really okay to drive. Those who have had multiple drinks, obviously should refrain from driving. But, how do you decide when you are at that small limit?

In most states, the legal blood alcohol content limits lie somewhere around 0.08. However, in many states, you can still be arrested and convicted with a BAC below 0.08. Other things might factor into the arrest also, such as the accuracy of the reading. A police officer?s reading is likely to differ from the moment they pull the individual over from the moment they are brought into the police station. All of these factors make it near impossible to distinguish the true blood alcohol content of a person, and whether or not it is legal for them to be driving.

The test that police officers use to test the blood alcohol content of an individual is a breathalyzer. The person in question blows into the device, which then provides the police officer with a number. If the number is above the limit, they arrest them and take them into the station. If the number is below the limit, in most cases, the individual is allowed to leave. Individuals can now have car breathalyzer devices installed into their own vehicles.

The car breathalyzer or ignition interlock system takes a lot of the uncertainty out of driving while intoxicated. The interlock device actually locks the vehicle during a night of drinking, requiring the person to blow into it, before even starting the vehicle. If the person is above the limit, the vehicle will not start. If they are below the limit, the car will start normally. Most interlock systems actually prevent the individual from driving with any amount of alcohol in the system. Ignition interlocks prohibit the engine from starting if an alcohol sensing device registers above a pre set level, typically around 0.02 BAC.

Car breathalyzer prices depend on the specific model purchased. Those who are required to have them as a result of a legal sentencing may be required to have more advanced, more expensive models. The car breathalyzer prices may also be affected by the type of car and how easy or difficult it is to install the breathalyzer into the vehicle. Either way, the car breathalyzer cost is minimal when compared to the costs that are incurred with a driving under the influence charge. Car breathalyzer prices can save a person thousands in legal fees and probation charges.

Car breathalyzers are also so advanced that they will continue to test the drive, in the event that their blood alcohol content increases during the drive. Most ignition interlock devices will prompt you to perform a rolling retest 5 to 15 minutes after the vehicle is started and randomly throughout the trip.

Calculating a person?s exact blood alcohol content level can be very difficult. With so many factors weighing into the calculation, people can be confused as to if they are really acceptable to drive a vehicle or not. Car breathalyzer prices can be found in any budget. Car breathalyzer devices allow the person to test their content limit, in an attempt to turn on their vehicle. If they are over the pre set limit, they will not be allowed to drive, saving them from a dangerous drive and the high costs of legal fees.

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What’s the Best Safety Measure for Night Driving?

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Whatever your age, night driving can be a special strain. It can even be more risky. Even though there’s less traffic on the roads at night, accidents occur much more frequently after dark. Your headlights are your best guarantee of safety when driving at night, but they can dim or become cloudy over time. To ensure the best light for your night driving, a professional headlight restoration kit is an easy DIY option. Improved visibility is one of the best safety measures for night driving.

Most crashes happen at night
The stark truth about auto accidents is that a large number occur at night. Even though there’s 60% less traffic on the roads at night, that when more than 40% percent of all fatal car accidents happen.
Pedestrians are also a greater risk at night, because it becomes more difficult for drivers to see them. A recent study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that around 2,300 pedestrians are killed each year in the U.S. because of bad or impaired visibility. Making sure that your car?s headlights are working at full efficiency is an important safety measure for nighttime driving.

Teens and seniors are at risk
Especially vulnerable groups are teens and seniors. For 16-year-olds, researchers have found that the rate of fatal crashes nearly doubles at night. For the16- to 17-year-old age group, drivers cover only 14% of their total mileage driven between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. However, 32% of the fatal crashes involving this group occur within these hours.
For seniors, too, nighttime driving is difficult. It becomes harder to see at night as we age. It’s not just because of the dark that we have difficulty in seeing; the glare of oncoming headlights can dazzle and disorient drivers. The American Optometric Association reports that at 50 years of age, a driver may need twice as much light to see as well as a 30-year-old. Beyond the age 60 years, driving and especially night driving become even harder.

Safety measures for night driving
Some states have implemented night time driving restrictions and have seen up to 60% reduction in crashes as a result. It’s not an ideal solution, however, because there can be emergencies that make it necessary to drive at night. Headlight lens restoration can make night driving safer by improving visibility.
Better lighting and visibility are one of the best ways to make night driving easier and safer. A general rule of safe driving is to drive within your visibility range, so that if you need to brake, you can be sure of stopping within that distance.
At night, low beams should light up to 160 feet away, and for high beams the distance illuminated should be about 500 feet ahead of the car. A professional headlight restoration kit is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your nighttime driving safety.

Headlight restoration can improve safety
Over time, headlights deteriorate, and UV rays can leave a milky or yellowish film on your headlights that reduces their efficiency by as much as 75%. This affects your safety as well a the resale value of your car. Fortunately, a simple DIY headlight restoration can renew your headlights and return them to maximum safety.
A professional headlight restoration kit takes only about fifteen minutes to clear up your headlights and protect them with a spray coat of sealant. The headlight renewal lasts about three to five years, giving you years of safer driving on the road.

A professional headlight restoration kit uses a protective sealant to renew and protect your headlights. It’s a quicker and cheaper alternative than replacing your headlights. Whether your concerns are for your own or your teen’s safety, a headlight lens restorer can make a real difference.

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Thinking of Having Your Car Windows Tinted? Here Are 5 Reasons You Should

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If you are like most Americans, you love your car. While it may not be a member of the family, it is pretty close. When you buy a car, you may consider having the windows tinted. There are a few very good reasons to do this. Some people that it is an extravagant thing to do but after you think about it a bit, you will see that it really is not. Here are some good reasons to consider car window tinting.

  1. Car window tinting will save energy. One of the best things about having your car windows tinted is the fact that this will help deflect the heat from the sun. This will mean that the interior of your car stays a lot cooler and more comfortable. A more comfortable interior means you use a lot less energy in air conditioning. The other problem that is solved by this is keeping the people in the backseats as comfortable as the people up front. It can be hard to get the entire vehicle cooled to the right temperature. Some people estimate that car window tinting can keep a car up to 60% cooler. There are different grades of window tinting and depending on the one you select, you can reduce the amount of solar heat absorbed between 35 and 65%. As a bonus, the upholstery is cooler so it is not as painful when you sit in your car during the summer. This will also save you money on gas. That is something everyone wants to do.
  2. Car window tinting blocks UV rays. Most of us try to reduce our exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun. Another one of the best things that car window tinting can do for you is protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It has been estimated that a good window tinting service can provide a tint to keep up to 99.9% of those harmful UV rays out of your car. Given the fact that skin damage from the sun is the number one cause of skin cancer, can window tinting can make driving in your car a healthier experience. For some people, who have certain medical conditions such as lupus, a good car window tint can make driving in a car possible.
  3. Car window tinting keeps your interior from fading. Everyone wants to do what they can to keep their car in the best condition as possible for as long as they possibly can. One way to do that is to keep the interior looking great for as long as possible. One way to do that is to have your car windows tinted. This helps keep the interior from faking from exposure to the sun. If you have leather in your car, it also keeps that from drying out and possibly cracking.
  4. Car window tinting can keep your windows from shattering. Windows that shatter can cause serious safety issues and hurt everyone in the vehicle. Good car car window tinting services will install a film that can prevent your windows from shattering when and if they are impacted by any kind of object. It is impossible to prevent a vehicle from being hit by miscellaneous debris while you are driving on the road. If you are in a traffic accident, this can be instrumental in keeping your windows from shattering.
  5. It can keep your vehicle safe and private. When you are driving down the road or highway, you may not want other people to be able to see into your car and see what you and the other people in your vehicle are doing. When you have a car window tinting job done, you know that what happens inside of your car always stays inside of your car.

When you are looking at getting your car or truck’s windows tinted, one other thing to consider is the length of time that the tinting will last. Most experts say that a good car window tinting job will last for anywhere between seven and ten years.

Regardless of which of these reasons you are looking at car window tinting can be a really great way to
maintain your car’s value.





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Tips for Getting the Right Vehicle Wrap Company

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Do you own a boat? Ae you considering boat wraps OKC? This is a big investment and you need to find the right company for your car wraps or boat wraps OKC. Finding the right company may seem like a challenge but it does not to be.

  • Ask people you know. Te best way to find good quality product and services is to get a personal recommendation. If you know someone with truck lettering, you can ask them for suggestions. Ask them how they found the car or boat wraps OCK.
  • Check online. Everything can be found online and car and truck wraps are no different. Check out the web site for car wraps. You should also make it a point to visit the shop, if that is a possibility. When you go to the shop, you should check out the portfolio and ask a lot of questions. Make it a point to ask about the kind of material they will use on your vehicle. For example, if you want a boat wrap company you can go Google search for boat wraps OKC to find a company there.
  • Work with the company on the design. This is a crucially important process and you need to take your time with it.The more details you can give your graphic artist, the better. You cannot really provide too many details or spend too much time on your design. If you have images, you will need to provide them.
  • Get a mock up. When you are looking for company that specializes in boat wraps OKC, ask them to do a mock up of your design. This can be very helpful in refining your design for maximum impact. Your vehicle will be seen by a lot of people. Nearly half of all people between the age of 18 and 34 told survey takes that they not memorable vehicle wraps. The number of people who say this is 47%.
  • Get several quotes. When you talk to different vehicle wrap companies, get detailed quotes. Do not forget to ask about revisions or touch ups. You vehicle wrap may ned to be touched up.
  • Ask about materials. While you want to get a good deal, you need the job to be done right. Different materials can be used for boat wraps OKC and you want to ask what your materials options are for your car, truck or boat. Get everything in writing. Having it all on paper will make it easier to make comparisons and get a better deal for your money.
  • Find a company that has been in business a while. While a newer company may be good but when you go with a a company that has a proved track record, you are more likely to get good results for you and your business. While a proven track record does not guarantee a good job, you will have more confidence with an established company.
  • Get a warranty. You will want to go with a company that does boat wraps OKC that will offer you a warranty. This is crucial for the success. This is really an art and you should ask for a warranty. This also shows how the company stands behind its products. You should be wary of any company that lacks a warranty.
  • Get a company with good customer service. If you feel that you are not getting your questions answered, you should go to a different company. You have options and should not take that for granted. Keep in mind, if a company does not take the time to work with you before you become a customer, you can bet they will not be responsive when you are. You want a company that is responsive and gets back to you.

When you have your vehicle done correctly, it can last years. This is an effective way to promote your business. When a car, truck or boat is wrapped, it can between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions in a day. Television ads and vehicle wraps are some of the most viewed media around. When it is done right, it can be a very effective way to promote your brand and your business for years into the future.