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5 Tips to Keeping Your Tires in the Best Shape

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The American love affair with their cars goes back a long way. In a typical year, most American drivers will put more than 10,000 miles on their cars and trucks. The problems arise when people do not spend the time they need to spend maintaining those cars and trucks. It has been estimated that the United States economy loses more than $2 billion every year to people neglecting their vehicles. Experts in tires and auto repair recommend that people who own vehicles spend some more time paying attention to their tries. Here are some tips from your friendly auto mechanic.

1. Keep an eye on your tire pressure.

This is one of the most basic things you can do to keep your car from needing tires and Continue reading “5 Tips to Keeping Your Tires in the Best Shape”

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Three Reasons to Buy a Car from a Local Used Car Dealer

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When it comes to purchasing a car, many individuals opt to purchase new over used, preferring the lower price and ease of owning outright without the worries of a loan. But some individuals might think that new is always better-after all, used cars have a tendency toward problems, right? In today?s day and age, that can be avoided when buying from a local used car dealer. In fact, over 40 million cars are sold each year between dealers and private sellers. Here are three reasons why a used car offers more benefits and return than buying brand-new from a dealership.

Having a Used Car Is More Normal Than Most People Realize, As Well As Cheaper

Over the lifetime of a

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Learn More About the Shelby Cobra 427

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Carroll Shelby always wanted to build his own cars. He started out as an amazing race driver but when he had to quit the world of racing because of a heart condition, he switched to what he really wanted to do. He wanted to build really fast cars. He achieved his goal when he created the Shelby Cobra and the Shelby Cobra 427. Unfortunately, the cars proved to be too fast for the road. Today car enthusiasts around the world buy Cobra car kits, upgrade parts and build their own muscle cars.

When the British company, AC cars, announced they were no longer going to be manufacturing the AC Ace, Shelby had an idea. He saw the potential in the road

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Looking to Go On Vacation? Why RV Owners Prefer to Skip Hotels in Favor of Camping

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There has never been a better time to hit the road in an RV: there are more than 9 million RV owners across the United States, and they consistently report that they like to travel to state parks. If you’re thinking of taking an extended vacation with friends or family, driving an RV could save you as much as 30% on the cost of your trip. Reports of bedbug infested hotels across the country are making millions of RV owners decide to camp out in tents or in their own trailer. There are a variety of camping options available to RV owners, and parks around America want to attract new business to their sites.

If you reserve a “primitive campground,” you’re generally looking at a campsite without many amenities. There may be a fire pit or fire circle, but often primitive campsites do not even have

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Keep Your Car’s Carpeting Clean with These 9 Tips

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You probably do not think much about the carpeting in your car but, just like the carpeting in your home, it needs to be cleaned from time to time. After a decade of use, you should think about getting replacement carpet for your car. It is more challenging than replacing the cutpile floor mats but may be worth doing. Before that, there are things that can be done to keep it looking (and smelling) clean and fresh.

  1. Deal with coffee stains as soon as they happen. Most of us drink our coffee in our cars. There is even a television show about that, “Coffee with Comedians in Cars.” If you do this, there is a very good chance that you have spilled it on the cutpile floor mats and the carpeting. Take cool water and some clean rags or paper towels and blot the areas where you spilled the coffee. If this does n