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Looking to Purchase an Old Classic? Check out Dealerships Where Classic Corvette Buyers Converge

Classic corvette dealers

If you are a car enthusiast, there are likely to be very few things for you as thrilling as seeing your favorite models of cars, and possibly taking them out for a spin. This experience is something that thousands of car enthusiasts crave above all else, and everyone has a favorite brand, and a few favorite models to choose from. If it is classic cars that occupy your fancy, it might be a lot more difficult to pursue your interests, and many of these cars are rarely seen, and come on to the market even more rarely. If you are a fan of the old Corvette and the excellent and critically acclaimed models that the company has been known to push out every so often, and want to explore the option of owning one of them for yourself, your best bet is to seek out the place where classic Corvette buyers and Corvette sellers can come together and do business. We are talking about car dealerships and showrooms which take an active interest in classic cars, and has a number of old Corvette models ready for sale to potential classic Corvette buyers. Taking a look at classic Corvette dealers in your area and might be the order of the day here.

The most important thing that you have to remember when it comes to classic cars like the Corvette these are old models which most people buy him for the nostalgia factor alone, and due to their innate interest in classic vehicles. These cars are more collectors items then meant for actual regular use. A Corvette in pristine condition can still give you a superb driving experience once in a while, but if you are looking for and something that you can use regularly, then you should probably look somewhere else. If, however, you are looking to own a classic Corvette purely for your interest in the brand, you can go right ahead and check out all the places in your area where classic Corvette buyers emerge in search of their favorite models. If you already have an old Corvette and are wondering how to sell my Corvette for the right price, maybe get another one, then this is also a viable option.

Whether you want to sell your Corvette or to buy your favorite model at the right price, choosing the right dealership is extremely important in your effort to acquire the right Corvette model. In a sense, you are looking for a reputed car dealership with a known history of stalking high quality, well maintained and well preserved Corvette models. One of the best ways to locate such car dealerships is to keep a weather eye on local newspapers and car magazines. Dealerships that usually have a large number of Corvette models available for sale can offer interesting deals and discounts which can sweeten the deal for you and provide you with enough incentive to go ahead with the purchase. Many of these car dealerships will also offer extra perks to classic Corvette buyers in the form of loyalty programs, deals and discounts, free maintenance programs and insurance programs. These extras are designed to make the deal more lucrative for prospective classic Corvette buyers, and you can take advantage of the same.

Keeping these little tips in mind will enable you to easily find the right dealership where you can purchase your very own Corvette. This way, you can satisfy your love and interests into classic car manufacturers and your favorite models. This is also a great way to start things off if you are trying to build a collection of classic Corvette models that you can show off or take to classic car exhibitions. If you form a lasting relationship with the right leadership, you might even be able to get information on new models and new deals on a priority basis before other customers can lay their hands on them. Overall, this can be a particularly fulfilling and satisfying experience for a classic car aficionado, and you might end up with your own collection of prized Corvette models which you can proudly show off.

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5 Tips for Dealing with Car Salesmen

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Dealing with a car salesman when you are buying a new car can be pretty overwhelming. They are trained in knowing how to deal with each individual person and are excellent at their craft, usually. It’s important that you stick to your guns otherwise the car sales people will walk all over you and you’ll end up walking out of there with a bunch of things that you don’t need and/or can’t afford. You car buying experience should be a pleasant and enjoyable time. So, here are a couple tips for navigating those crafty sales people when getting a new vehicle.

Be Strong
You have stand up for yourself. Car sales people have to sell you more stuff; as much stuff as possible. It’s part of their job and you can’t blame them for it. If they don’t sell enough amenities and things, then they could actually lose their jobs because it’s in the job description. However, even so, don’t feel sorry for them. If you don’t buy extras, someone else will. Don’t be talked into something that you don’t need or can’t afford. Know your budget early and make sure that you talk price every step of the way during the whole process.

Pick Early
You should know what kind of car you want before you even go to the car dealership. If you pick your vehicle early then you’ll know how much you are willing to spend, the kinds of things you want, the amenities you need, the payments you can afford and everything else you need to know. That way, when you get to the lot, all you need to do is test drive your new Honda Pilot or whichever car you decide on and see how it feels. That brings us to the next point.

Test Drive
This is such an important step. Never buy a car without test driving it. It’s kind of like clothes. They look great on the hanger but they seem to take on another life when you actually put them on your body. A car is very much the same way usually. You might like the idea of it on paper and in pictures but once you get in it and handle it, you might realize that it is not how you want at all. If you get in the car to test drive and see that it’s not going to work for you, don’t try to pick another car that day. Go home, go back to step two and research, research, research.

Don’t Rush
Don’t be in a hurry to buy a car. This is the worst time to get one. Don’t wait until you absolutely need something to get a car. This will force you to make rash decisions and end up buying something that doesn’t work for you later on. Take your time in deciding and don’t feel obligated to drive off the lot with your new car on that very first visit. There are certain things that you need to take away with you and think about before signing on the dotted line.

Always Negotiate
Prices are always up for negotiation and bartering if you’re up for it. You might want to bring someone with you that is good and finagling and finding loop holes. If you tend to be a more non confrontational type of person then you definitely want someone there who isn’t afraid to fight for a good price. Cars are purposely marked up because they know that there will be some negotiating on price. The sales people will probably try to convince you to take ‘freebies’ instead of bringing down the price, but don’t fall for it. The price can always go lower than what the sticker says. The sticker price is a suggestion or a starting point more than anything.

There are many other ways that you can have a good car buying experience, whether or not you encounter car sales people, but these are the main tips that will help you out. If you can remember these five suggestions, then you’ll be able to stand your ground, buy something you afford and make sure that you leave the car lot happy, satisfied and not broke.

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Have You Installed Your Winter Tires Yet?

Used tires

How are your tires doing? Winter is only getting heavier from here, so it’s essential you check your retread tires and make sure they’re fit for the open road. Snow, ice and sleet make it notoriously hard to drive, even during the day, and a poor set of tires can significantly increase your risk for an accident. Below are the top five most essential factors in cultivating a healthy used tire, from alignment to rotation.

Tire Alignment

Let’s start off with an underrated aspect of the average tire — tire alignment! Most experts recommend you check your tire alignment every 6,000 miles or so or when you have your oil changed by a professional, since a lot can happen in that span of time. Keeping your tires properly aligned will make sure no single tire receives unnecessary pressure, that of which can lead to premature deflation, loss of tread and even popping.

Tire Rotation

Similar to tire alignment, tire rotation is a must after steady and constant driving. A tire rotation should be done every 7,500 miles according to most industry professionals. However, your car manufacturer may recommend a different date depending on the age and make of your vehicle. Neglecting vehicles costs the economy over $2 billion on a yearly basis, so make sure you do your part and regularly visit your car repair shop.

Tire Speed

The quality of your tires will impact your speed and ability to turn. According to recent test results, hydroplanning starts at 76 km/h (or 47 miles per hour) when cornering on worn out tires — compare this to new tires which average at 96 km/h (or 60 miles per hour). Another survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (shortened to NHTSA) determined that vehicles driving on tires underinflated by more than 25% are three times more likely to be involved in a crash related to tire problems than those with properly maintained tires.

Tire Inflation

Your tires need to be properly inflated at all times to keep you safe. Under inflation results in unnecessary and constant tire stress, irregular wear and an increased risk for loss of control and accidents. A tire can lose up to 50% of its inflation under pressure and still not appear to be flat, so keep in mind that looks can be deceiving! Retread tires operate on a similar foundation.

Tire Treads

Good retread tires are a necessary goal just like rotation, inflation and alignment. When your tires’ tread has worn down to 6/32nd of an inch, you need to get them replaced. Regardless of whether or not you have an all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, you need to install all four winter tires. In fact, depending on your provider, you can save as much as 5% off of your car insurance premium just for equipping your winter tires in a timely fashion! Tire companies are able to give your tires the full check-up when you visit their shop, keeping you and others safe on the open road. How will you prepare for the winter season?