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Looking to Purchase an Old Classic? Check out Dealerships Where Classic Corvette Buyers Converge

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If you are a car enthusiast, there are likely to be very few things for you as thrilling as seeing your favorite models of cars, and possibly taking them out for a spin. This experience is something that thousands of car enthusiasts crave above all else, and everyone has a favorite brand, and a few favorite models to choose from. If it is classic cars that occupy your fancy, it might be a lot more difficult to pursue your interests, and many of these cars are rarely seen, and come on to the market even more rarely. If you are a fan of the old Corvette and the excellent and critically acclaimed models that the company has been known to push out every so often, and want to explore the option of owning one of them for yourself, your best bet is to seek out the place where classic Corvette buyers and Corv

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5 Tips for Dealing with Car Salesmen

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Dealing with a car salesman when you are buying a new car can be pretty overwhelming. They are trained in knowing how to deal with each individual person and are excellent at their craft, usually. It’s important that you stick to your guns otherwise the car sales people will walk all over you and you’ll end up walking out of there with a bunch of things that you don’t need and/or can’t afford. You car buying experience should be a pleasant and enjoyable time. So, here are a couple tips for navigating those crafty sales people when getting a new vehicle.

Be Strong
You have stand up for yourself. Continue reading “5 Tips for Dealing with Car Salesmen”

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Have You Installed Your Winter Tires Yet?

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How are your tires doing? Winter is only getting heavier from here, so it’s essential you check your retread tires and make sure they’re fit for the open road. Snow, ice and sleet make it notoriously hard to drive, even during the day, and a poor set of tires can significantly increase your risk for an accident. Below are the top five most essential factors in cultivating a healthy used tire, from alignment to rotation.

Tire Alignment

Let’s start off with an underrated aspect of the average tire — tire alignment! Most experts recommend you check your tire alignment every 6,000 miles or so or when you have your oil changed by a professional, since a lot can happen in that span of time. Keepin