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Car Maintenance Tips From When to Get Your Wheels Aligned to Replacing Your Air Filters

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Since you rely on your vehicle to get you from point A to point B on a regular basis, you need to make sure it’s properly maintained. While you may take care of some of your car’s maintenance yourself, chances are that you have a car care center handle most of it. If you’re not sure when you should be taking your car in for a wheel alignment, an oil change, or other maintenance needs, here are a few tips.

When to Get Your Wheels Aligned

Whether you commute long distances or just around the neighborhood, experts agree that you should have your tire alignment checked every 6,000 miles. When cars and other vehicles are out of alignment, this can decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency up to 7%.

It’s a good rule of th

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Rebuild Your Dream Car When You Build the AC Cobra

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When some people buy a kit from which they intend to build a car, they tend to find a replica car kit for a dream car or some other type of car that they could never otherwise have. Other people look to the hobby as a way of participating as closely as possible to an authentic replication. One of the most popular types of replica kits is the AC Cobra replica.

Between the years 1962 to 1968, Carroll Shelby built 654 small block Cobras. During this time frame, he also built roughly 350 big-block versions of the car. Shelby’s original Cobras were built to go up against the Corvette made by Chevrolet. Even though they were some 500 pounds less than the Corvette, Shelby referred to them as “Corvette