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Drivers Ed 3 Things To Expect For Your First Time Behind The Wheel

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If you’re a teenager or the parent of a teenager, that’s just starting their beginner driving school, then you’re probably wondering what to expect. For the teens, it’s their first time behind the wheel (without a parent, at least) and for parents, you might be worried about your child being behind a wheel. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about what to expect while you learn to drive.

However, drivers education classes are simple enough to handle. You learn the rules of the road, what signals to look out for and take a few tests to make sure you understood and retained it all

Pre Owned Cars

3 Important Red Flags to Look for in Pre-Owned Cars

pre owned carsBuying pre owned cars is something of a coming of age tradition for many young drivers. Not only is it an excellent way for parents to provide their children with a measure of freedom, it’s a way for them to save money as well. And it’s quite common! In fact, according to an IHS Automotive study, the average car in the U.S. is approximately 11.4 years old.

That being said, not every pre owned vehicle is going to be a winner. And unfortunately, it can be tough to tell the good pre owned cars from the junk used trucks that might be posted for sale online. So if you want to make sure you buy a used car that’s going to last, here are some red flags you need to look out for.

Excessive Rust

As you may already know, rust weakens metal. While most rust spots on older vehicles are purely cosmetic, any type of rust on the frame or near the engine is a bad sign. Rust near the frame means that the bone structure of the entire vehicle is in jeopardy. If the rust manages to eat through the metal frame — which it will in due time — your entire vehicle is going to fall apart. And if you’re at a used car dealership where the cars are sporting some excessive rust, you need to re-evaluate your situation.

Warning Lights

It’s not uncommon for people with pre owned trucks and cars to drive around for a week with the check engine light on. But it absolutely shouldn’t be on during your test drive. And neither should any of the other warning lights, to be frank. Even though a used car might come with a few issues, there’s no reason for the dashboard to look like a laser light show. That alone should alert you to some serious issues.

Extremely Low Prices

At first glance, an extremely low price might seem like the steal of the century. Unfortunately, it could mean any number of things, including that the car was actually stolen and put up for sale. But beyond that, it could be a sign that there are some pretty outstanding issues with the vehicle. Any reputable dealership will sell quality used cars at quality prices.

When you’re looking at pre owned cars, it’s important that you inspect the possibility of negative qualities just as vigorously as you look for the good ones. Don’t let a low price tag fool you into making a mistake you may regret later.

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3 Reasons to Rent Storage Units for Your Valuable Belongings

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Do you have more than vehicle at your household? Are you looking for the best place to store your vehicles from RV storage, to car storage, to boat storage? Right now, you may have more than one vehicle taking up space at your house. The garage is probably full, and now there are vehicles lining the driveway. You?re losing valuable space at your home by keeping all your extra vehicles out at all times. There?s no reason to waste so much space when you could rent storage units for all your extra vehicles.

Interested in learning more about everything from RV storage to self storage units? Keep reading to find out three reasons why it is always better to rent a storage unit.