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Why Buy Previously Owned Versus New Vehicles?

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When you decide that it is time to buy a new car, you have the decision between a used vehicle and a brand new vehicle. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both, buying a used vehicle seems to be the better choice. Purchasing a used vehicle can mean that the car has had numerous owners and currently has thousands of miles or it can mean that the vehicle was driven for a couple of miles and then returned to the dealership. Buying a used car offers you the following advantages.

The vehicle holds its value longer
Most people do not plan to keep their vehicle forever. In fact, many drive their vehicles for a couple of years and then choose to upgrade. When it comes time to upgrade, they either sell the previously used vehicle or they trade it into their car dealerships in Charlottesville VA. For this reason, it is important to purchase a vehicle that will hold its value. This is especially true if you are getting any type of financing on your vehicle. New vehicles are at a risk of rapidly losing their value, with the chance of leaving you underwater on your car loan.

You have the ability to purchase certified
Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of buying a new car is that the vehicle is under warranty for many years. If anything goes wrong with the vehicle, the manufacturer, or car dealerships in Charlottesville VA cover the cost. In an attempt to increase the sales of used cars, many dealerships now offer certificated pre owned vehicles. This means that you can get the same price advantages of a used vehicle and still have it covered by a warranty. Car dealerships in Charlottesville VA, backed by manufacturers, offer certified used car programs for newer used cars (usually cars up to three years old).

Better price tag
Used cars almost always come with a lower price tag. Even a vehicle that was only driven for a couple of miles will have a lower cost than a brand new vehicle. Used cars are a great way to get a car buying deal. Think of it as a sale for a gently used item. You can even purchase a used vehicle that has a newer design and newer technology, which is becoming more important in vehicles. Gen Y consumers, who have accounted for 27.7% of new vehicle sales in 2015 are willing to spend an average of $3,703 on technology for their next vehicle. Fortunately, you save so much by buying a used vehicle from car dealerships in Charlottesville VA that you can splurge a little extra on technology.

The trend of buying used vehicles from the car dealers has caused the average purchase price of a vehicle to decline. The National Automobile Dealers Association forecasts a nearly 7% decline in the average used car price to just under $15,000 in 2016 from $16,025 in 2014. While some of this could be due to the fact that buyers no longer want to pay extremely high auto payments, much of it likely due to the fact that buyers are becoming more aware of the advantages of buying used.

How to find the right used vehicle
If you have decided that a used vehicle is right for you, how do you begin the car buying process? You will first want to visit local car dealerships in Charlottesville VA and get an approval. From here, you can begin looking at vehicles. Always try to purchase something that is pre owned certified. Additionally, bring along an auto mechanic to check for any needed auto body work. With the right amount of research and planning, you will find the right used vehicle in no time.

More and more car buyers are choosing previously owned vehicles. There are many advantages to a used car, including lower cost, certified ability, it holds its value better, and you can still opt for the latest technology. Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions that you will make. Make sure you are making the best decision.

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Declining Sales in the Winter? These Tips Will Help you Sell More Vehicles

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Car purchases, both from private sellers and car dealers, decline during the winter months. Consumers are more focused on a safe vehicle that will get them through the winter months than on a brand new car. It can be especially difficult to push sales of sportier vehicles, such as the stage 3 Roush Mustang. These tips can help you drive sales, even in the coldest and longest of winters.

Increase your marketing efforts
People are still buying vehicles in the winter months. There are just not as many consumers doing so. You have to know where to find these customers and how to bring them to your auto dealership. Marketing is an extremely effective tool for doing this, even for dealers. Increase your marketing budget during the winter months when you are less likely to get walk in sales. Opt for both print and digital marketing and customize your marketing campaign based on results.

Carry a larger inventory of winter vehicles
It is going to be harder to sell that stage 3 Roush Mustang this winter, so instead, focus on your winter vehicles. Used trucks are very useful for heavy winter ice and snowstorms. As of 2017, the Ford F series has been America?s best selling truck for 40 consecutive years since its launch in 1977. Even as a whole, trucks have seen an increased in used sales. In 2016, light trucks increased more than 7%. In fact, 60.6% of vehicle sales in the U.S. were light trucks, while cars only made up about 39.4% of sales. For the winter months, it is best to significantly increase your truck inventory.

Offer discounts on summer vehicles
You will find that some consumers are still willing to purchase summer vehicles, with the right incentives. If you have a stage 3 Roush Mustang that you want to get off the lot before summer, for example, your price is really what will sell it. You can also affect sales by throwing in additional incentives, like certified used sales. In 2015, manufacturer certified pre owned vehicle sales reached 2.55 million units. Buyers are much more likely to purchase used cars, and especially used summer cars if they know that any maintenance is covered.

Hold exclusive shopper events
One of the struggles of selling used cars for sale in the winter months is that customers simply do not think of stopping by their local used car dealer. Encouraging people to visit will also encourage people to trade in their current vehicles for newer models. You might even be able to sell that stage 3 Roush Mustang on the lot if you can bring in enough customers. Throw weekend events that are family friendly to increase the foot traffic in your dealership. Hire a DJ and offer free food and beverages. Don?t push sales and instead let your inventory speak for itself. Even if buyers are not yet ready to purchase, they will keep your used dealership in mind when they are.

Make it easier to get approved
Making it easier to get approved during these slower months can also increase sales. Used car dealerships tend to have some control over the application process, either by lowering the terms or connecting customers to guaranteed approval lenders. Working this easy approval process into the marketing can also bring more customers in to look at the used car inventory.

Used car dealerships usually do not sell as many vehicles
during the winter months. People are not as interested in purchasing and it usually requires some type of a buying incentive to bring them in. There are many ways that a used dealership can increase their customer visits, and thus, also their used car sales, even during these slower months.