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The Facts about Subprime Auto Loans

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A subprime loan is a type of loan that applies to both auto loans and home loans that is typically for individuals with low credit scores or individuals with very little credit. Subprime loans carry a higher interest rate than prime loans and often come with a pre-payment penalty, so it is important to fully understand the terms of the loan before entering into any kind of agreement.

These types of auto loans became particular popular in the early 200s when subprime lending in general started to expand. Prior to their introduction, tho

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Why Should I Buy A Used Car Over a New One?

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Once you’ve entered into the vast, sometimes overwhelming, market to purchase a car, it can become difficult to wade between all of the available options, whether for the endless variety of auto groups or dealers. Yet, while most people tend to immediately venture towards newer vehicles, viewing it as an investment, a used auto or truck can prove to be as advantageous, if not better. Whether your look for the basic used car of for some used trucks, you can find a great deal of quality used cars with listed at a profitable Kelley Blue Book price. If you’re looking for auto dealers in Harrisonburg, VA, you’ll be in luck, as various auto dealers, especiall

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Four Ways to Stay Safe on the Road this Holiday Season

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There tends to be an increase in drinking and driving during the holiday season. There are more celebratory parties and people that are not used to drinking as joining in the celebrations. Even if you do not drink often, you can be at risk of drinking and driving over the legal limit. As the holidays quickly approach, keep these drinking tips in mind to stay safe on the road.

Plan your transportation ahead of time
The type of situation that often ends in someone drinking and then driving is that they consumed more alcohol than planned and have no other transportation home. They could call a cab, but then they would have to leave their car wherever the party is located and then, find a way to get it the next day. In all of this confusion, it might make sense to just dr

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Ground Transportation Services Are an Important Part of Many Industries

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This is the time of year when limo services and tourism trolleys and party buses alike all reschedule their routes to take in the most decorated parts of down town and the most lighted parts of neighborhoods to take in the holiday season. And whether you are with a trolley or limousine driver, it is on these night in December when you can see and enjoy a scene that is only part of the our lives for a few weeks every year.
Even when it is not the holiday season, comfortable party buses, as well as services provided by an airport tr