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The Benefits Of Regular Car Maintenance

From car repairs to regular yearly maintenance, there’s a lot that goes into maintaining your car and keeping it in good condition. Vehicle service should often be handled by professionals, particularly in the case of the necessity for car repairs.

Car repairs are certainly not uncommon among all different kinds of drivers. For instance, a typical driver in the United States files at least one accident claim for every seventeen years that they are on the road, meaning that the vast majority of drivers will get in an accident (hopefully minor) at some point in their lives. Rear end collisions are a particularly common example of a motor vehicle accident, with one occurring every eight seconds in the United States alone. In total, there are as many as six million accidents, ranging from relatively minor to very severe, in the United States every single year. But car accidents are not the only cause for damage to a car and the need for car repairs. Weather damage and negligent care


Just Do It: 6 Reasons Buying A New Vehicle Is A Fantastic Choice

Buying a new vehicle can be a time-consuming process, but it’s worth it to drive off the lot with a fresh start to your automotive life. The average vehicle will see three different owners in its lifetime, but being the first will give you many benefits. If you’re still deciding between new and used vehicles, here’s what you can look forward to when in the market for new cars.

  1. Everything Works: In many used cars you will find out after purchasing it that the electric windows only go down halfway unless you tap them from the outside, or that the heat works, but you have to set the climate control to cold to make it work. Used cars have quirks, but new carsĀ work.
  2. The Best Warranty: Certified pre-owned warranties are getting better by the year, but nothing beats the warranty on a car that’s fresh from the fire.
  3. Clean: While used vehicles can be cleaned, you’ll always know in the back of your mind that some other person used to drive it around every day. Who knows what they did in there?
  4. Gadgets: If you want to stay up to date on the most recent car gizmo technology like touch a screen center console, heads-up displays, and rearview cameras, you’ll need a new vehicle.
  5. Safety Features: Better headlights, more airbags, a sophisticated crumple zone surrounding the body of the car, and driver alertness aids can all benefit the safety of the driver and passengers. New cars and trucks are safer than old ones, and that’s that.
  6. Quality: When you sit in a new vehicle, it tends to feel more luxurious. Over many years, cars improve in little increments. The comfort you will feel doing 75 miles per hour in the outside lane of a highway in a new car will be massively improved in comparison to a car made 5 years ago.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, there are many excellent cars and trucks to choose from. Buying new might not always be the right decision for you, but sometimes the luxury is worth a little extra money. Stop by our dealership if you would like to learn more about our selection of new vehicles.

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Common Causes For Truck Accidents

Fuel spill cleanup

From tractor trailer repair to towing heavy services, it is important for truck drivers to know what to do in the unfortunate event of emergency or break down of their motor vehicle. Though hopefully it does not happen frequently, tractor trailer repair eventually becomes necessary for many truck drivers employed around the country. But if the truck driver knows how to get tractor trailer repair done in the most efficient way possible, the need for tractor trailer repair does not need to derail the overall course of the truck driver.

Truck driving and the transport of goods is a thriving industry all throughout the United States, with more than three million truck drivers employed in 2015. The trucking industry makes most of its profit by moving products around, and trucks and truck drivers move consi