Building tiny homes for the homeless

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Having to the push and pull with local authorities about a charity project is saddening. Imagine denying people the right to enjoy a housing project? However, there must be reasons why local authority opposes such a project.In the video ‘The man building tiny homes for the homeless in Los Angeles,’ such a scenario is portrayed. Elvis in the video, is passionate about helping the homeless get shelter.

He builds lovely tiny houses, but Miller also ensures that he finds a location to place the structures. This is a high form of generosity, considering the pressure from the local authority. However, the local authority displaces the people on the streets, including their stuff due to maintenance services such as cleaning the streets.

As much as the housing is needed, clean streets are vital too. Cleaning the streets improves the city’s look and protects the individuals from getting diseases, and infection brought about a dirty environment.

Homelessness is slowly becoming a major concern globally. The cost of living has forced people to live on the streets or seek alternative temporary places. Many people cannot raise the money required for their basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. Lack of jobs or rather well-paying jobs is one of the reasons why people find themselves homeless.

Being homeless puts a family at risk of cold-related diseases. Having a shelter is an integral part of people’s lives. For this reason, charities have been brought up to minimize the rising cases of people being homeless. Such individuals may also struggle to put food on the table. It is not easy to be scared of not having your stuff in a safe place; what are they stolen when you are not around?

Not only do the individuals on the streets get their things missing, the local authority considers temporary housing as illegal. For this reason, during the maintenance services, the local authority team picks the stuff and terms it as trash.

Engaging in charity takes the values and principles of an individual. It is a moral duty to the rest of the society to ensure that every member has shelter, food and clothes; the basic needs. Everyone would wish to have a house to call home despite not having the ability to own one. It does not matter what you do for a living. Whatever resources you may have that are necessary for a particular charity project will go along way in assisting the less fortunate.

For instance, when participating in this building project, Elvis makes the tiny houses and needs to transport them to where he finds best for placement. This means that there is a need to have the right equipment to facilitate the movement. Do you do forklift business? You can engage by offering forklift rentals at a lower fee or free to help the homeless get tiny homes.

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