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The Top Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying Your Dream Car

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You’re well-versed in the art of car safety. You’ve reviewed several car buying tips. You even have an impressive credit score to your name. Are you ready to make the plunge and visit your local Buick dealer for the car of your dreams? Let’s not jump the gun here. It never hurts to be too prepared and an aspect that can trip people upon their way to the auto dealer is a lack of information about what they need out of a car. What model would suit you best? What kind of budget are you expecting for the next few years?

Get these questions out of the way and you’ll find your dream car coming to you before you know it.

Fun Facts

Before we dive headfirst into your own personal list let’s look at some car facts. Back in 2016, just over Memorial Day weekend, AAA estimated as many as 35 million Americans taking road trips of 50 miles or more. An additional survey saw 30% of Americans actively planning on taking vacations 50 miles or so with two immediate family members. People are always traveling back and forth for one reason or another, be it work or play, and these numbers have yet to change. How will this impact your very own car buying process?

Do You Often Go On Vacation?

Some prefer to travel by plane when it’s time to take time off. Others go by train or by bus to save money. Yet more actively look forward to the feel of hitting the open road with the breeze on their face. Compared to 2016, 10% more families expect to take road trips throughout 2017. A survey by recently named the 2013 Buick Enclave as one of 2014’s ’10 Must-Shop Family Cars’. Boasting positive reviews and a four-year warranty, this is an option that can suit just about any family bit by the travel bug.

Do You Have Pets?

Your lifestyle will heavily influence whether you drop by a Buick dealer or a GMC dealer. That’s perfectly okay! There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ vehicle and yours should compliment your day-to-day obligations, not hinder them. The average family will own two cars, with an estimated 30% of American households having three or more. Overall, nearly 90% of Americans reported owning a car back in 2014. Families with pets (and especially large dogs) should have extra room to accommodate any set-up. Dog friendly cars include the GMC Acadia and the GMC Terrain.

Do You Have Children?

What about what your children need? It wouldn’t hurt to bring them over to your local Buick dealer. A study provided by The Family Room revealed three out of five parents prefer to involve their children in car-buying decisions. When you consider how frequently vehicles factor into daily American life, it’s a choice that makes sense. A 2016 CarGurus survey found an impressive 45% of parents saying they were most likely to have a conversation with their children about their day while still in the car.

Visiting A GMC Dealership Or Buick Dealer

That wasn’t so hard, now was it? Your car should be your best friend throughout your busy life, standing by you through thick and thin as you run errands, go to work and pick your kids up from practice. Asking these questions will also help you narrow down a very impressive list of jeeps, trucks and vans. General Motors’ global sales totaled nine million vehicles in 2015 and used cars are seeing a new surge in purchases as more people try to find their dream ride. Visiting an auto dealer can clear up any questions you have about credit scores, insurance and extra features.

What’s waiting for you at your local car dealer? There’s just one way to find out!