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MWF Basics

Metalworking fluids are a vital part of the metalworking industry. The right metalworking fluids can help to improve production, reduce wear and tear on machinery, and save you on costs. Whether it is cutting fluids or metal forming lubricants, trusted Castrol Oil distributors could help.

High-grade metalworking and cutting fluids from Castrol Oil distributors can improve how you do business.

What is MWF?

In the metalworking industry, MWF’s (metalworking fluids) are an essential part of the metal forming process. MWF’s improve production quality, overall productivity, and protection. Various formulas are application-specific. For example, some formulas have a high degree of corrosion preventatives, while others provide more heat protection, and further, some fluids deliver complete protection.

The right Castrol Oil distributors will offer a wide range of options for all your metalworki