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You may find many of the following facts and statistics about automotive motor oil interesting, because most of us never really give it much thought except when we realize we may need an oil change.
Automotive motor oil is made from petroleum and non petroleum chemical compounds. It is used to provide lubrication to engines found in trucks, cars, aircraft, motorcycles, and other such vehicles. The viscosity of motor oil is classified by a motor oil standards grading system established by the Society of Automotive Engineers. You have probably seen these classifications including 5w50, 20, 50, and others.
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Changing the Oil Can Keep a Car Running Smoothly

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Motor oil, which is integral when it comes to automotive health, is made from petroleum based and non peteroleum synthesized chemical compounds. All internal combustion engines, including more than just cars, buses, and trucks, require motor oil. For those who are not mechanically inclined, the question, “what is the best motor oil?” might be common. The best motor oil for your car will vary depending on what kind it is, and asking “what is the best motor oil?” can go a long way towards finding it.

In order to learn about motor oil, and figure out what is the best motor oil, an individual might want to do some research. By doing so, they might find useful information like how putting to much oil into a car can cause parts of the crankshaft to dip into the oil, which churns air in the oil. This can cause foaming and fluctuations in oil pressure. On top of that, they might also learn when and where to get oil changes and API standards. Just 2 gallons of oil is powerful enough to power a home for 24 hours if properly recycled, according to the EPA, so determining what is the best motor oil can go a long way towards keeping an engine running smoothly.

Finding out what is the best motor oil is just the first step towards improving how an engine runs. After determining what is the best motor oil, individuals might want to find the best place for an oil change near them. Unfortunately, millions of gallons of oil are dumped illegally every year, so finding one that is environmentally friendly might be a good idea. Links like this: