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Top 3 Ways to Baby your Benz

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Whether you drive a Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster, CLA Coupe, or an AMG G63 off road vehicle, the proper care and maintenance of your Benz will keep it on the road for years to come. And unless you’re keeping your new or vintage beauty in a climate controlled garage, proper maintenance is a must. For those driving their beauties seasonally or even daily, the weather can wreak havoc on the interior, exterior and engine. No area of the country is immune, either. Winters in the north, humidity in the south, precipitation in the northwest and the relentless burning hot sun in the west all take a toll on the longevity and aesthetics of your car.
Keeping your Mercedes in its prime requires attentiveness, maintenance, and genuine Mercedes parts.
1. Attentiveness: Take a walk around your car at least once a week and examine for obvious signs of wear. Pay special attention to tire pressure and unusual wear on the treads. Under inflated tires will wear improperly because of the increased friction with the road, increasing your risk for blowouts and premature wear. Remember, tires should be rotated and balanced every 6 months. If you are not planning on performing the maintenance yourself, consult the owner’s manual for a suggested schedule of maintenance and tune ups. Keep a calendar and good records when you take your vehicle in and the services performed.
2. Maintenance: In your weekly routine, check the fluids, including brake, power steering, coolant and washer. Remember to use only the types recommended in your owner’s manual. Keeping your Mercedes’ exterior protected from the elements is no easy task. Routine washing and waxing will keep harmful road chemicals and dirt from damaging the paint. Salt and other de-icing chemicals are especially harmful and can penetrate your car’s protective paint job. You’ll know when you’ve cleaned and waxed your car properly when you run your hand across it and it feels smooth as glass.
3. Genuine Mercedes Parts: When your car needs a Mercedes Benz part, it’s vital that you use only those designed for your make and model. Some are unique to particular engine and transmission combinations. Peak performance from your Mercedes depends on genuine replacement parts. If purchasing second hand Mercedes parts, be sure to call the dealer and double check the part numbers.
Whether you’re driving vintage or new, all Mercedes vehicles will perform better and last longer if proper attentiveness and maintenance is part of your routine. And who wouldn’t want to spend a little extra time each week with their Benz?