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Common Questions About Towing Trailers and Sway Control

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Going on a camping trip can be a fun experience for the whole family, but getting the RV to the campsite along with your family in one piece can be a big challenge.
If it’s your first trip with an RV, you might have a few questions, especially about towing it safely to your camp site. Here are a few commonly asked questions, answered for you.
When is Weight Distribution Needed?
Weight distribution systems are important to ensure that the junction where your vehicle is hitched to your trailer doesn’t sag or bounce. They are used to ensure a smooth, even ride for the whole trip. Weight distribution is typically needed if the weight of your trailer is more than 50 percent of your vehicle’s weight, the rear of your towing vehicle sags when the trailer is hooked up, or if you’re having trouble with trailer sway control.
What is Sway Control?
Trailer sway can be caused by a variety of factors. These include crosswinds, poor trailer loading (load being too far back), or inadequate spring bar tension in the weight distribution system. The use of a weight distribution system may help combat trailer sway, but ultimately the best solution is an electronic sway control system or a sway control hitch. Electronic sway controls are incredibly useful, as they allow you to actively monitor and control the sway on your trailer.
How do I Choose a Weight Distribution System?
Ultimately, you should choose a system that works for you. If a weight distribution system works better than an electronic trailer sway control, then you may simply need that. There are numerous types of weight distribution systems available on the market, but the biggest determining factor in which you should purchase depends on the size that works best for the hitching system you’re using.
A family camping trip may have a bit of a technical side, but once you get that figured out, the rest should be easy. Towing a trailer takes some learning, but with the right equipment, you should be on the open road in no time. Find out more here.

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