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Two Reasons You Should Consider Used Shuttle Buses for Your Preschool

If you have a child who is preschool age, it may be time to look into local preschools to see how they compare. If you want play school learning, there are many different types of preschools to choose from. There is the kinder prep private preschool, the early childhood development preschool, Montessori school, and more. Some preschools also offer help for preschoolers who are behind either developmentally or physically.

The daycare preschool kindergarten process requires young children to have a number of important skills by the time they get to first grade. These may include basic reading, understanding how to act in school, and being able to do art projects. All of these skills will be needed by first grade, and private elementary schools may have even more requirements. Going to preschool is good preparation for school and can help your child to understand the structure of a school day. For many children, this is the biggest thing to get used to. Being there all day, taking naps, and playing at playtime may take some time for your child to adjust to the schedule. After preschool and kindergarten, your child should be well-prepared for the skills needed in first grade.

How to buy a bus

Did you know that in the past less than 50% of American children attended a preschool program due to the costs, according to EdWeek? However, as the Center for American Progress points out, thanks to recent pushes on the part of the Obama administration, more children are set to receive quality preschool programs than ever before.

With more children coming to your school, you will need more reliable means of transporting your students to important extracurricular activities that are crucial to their growth. Searching for a used shuttle bus for sale is one great way to make your school more attractive, make experiential learning possible, and to protect your students while they are on the road.


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a multifunction school activity bus(MFSAB)is a bus which is used for school related activities other than getting your students to and from school. These buses are specially created with children and educators in mind, making them a far better choice than vans that are produced for the general public. Here are two ways finding a MFSAB bus for sale can help your school.

  • Experiential Learning is Key


We all remember the excitement about field trips when we were kids. The allure for many is just getting out of their classroom and off of school grounds. However, as the University of Florida points out, field trips are so much more than that. They represent an important opportunity for students to get firsthand experience on a wide range of topics. Imagine, your children might understand the process behind maple syrup being made. However, searching for a used shuttle bus for sale and making that purchase equals an opportunity for them to learn in a hands-on way the process behind the syrup.

  • Protect Your Students


Did you know, according to, there are more than 6 million car accidents annually in the United States? That means there are nearly 17,000 car accidents daily. When it comes to our children we have to be especially vigilant in protecting them. If you have been wondering why and how to buy a childcare bus, the answers are simple.

The number one reason to buy a school bus is the safety of your students. They are our most precious resource. According to, school buses are the safest form of ground transportation. You are 172 times less likely to get into a fatal accident on a school bus than on other forms of transport. Look for a used shuttle bus for sale to protect your charges.

How to Buy a Bus

According to School Bus Fleet, there are four essential steps to learning how to find a used shuttle bus for sale and use it as a school bus. Know the buses history, look at any aesthetic blemishes, and make sure the bus is up to your state’s laws. Next, insure your bus to protect your investment.

Whether you are looking to take your students on more field trips or you simply want to offer them greater protection, purchasing a MFSAB bus is a great investment. Protect your students and give them higher quality education with a bus built just for them. Continue reading here:

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