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Time To Upgrade That Vehicle To Something More Suitable

Time to upgrade that car that you’ve been driving forever? It can be both a big decision and a big commitment in order to decide to go shopping for a new car. With so many options out there how to do you know what is best for you or which dealerships to choose? There is quite a bit of work that goes into buying a new car and truck and if you’re ready to go down that path there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind weather you decide to buy new or used cars from various dealerships.

Buying your car isn’t as easy as buying commercial trucks for your business that are pretty standard depending on what you’re planning on transporting. No, buying a vehicle for yourself becomes a lot harder and poses may more questions that you may not have even considered yet such as what color would you like the thing, what type of vehicle are you looking for? Is it something for yourself or something for your entire family? How many people do you need to fit inside of it? With so

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The Benefits Of Touch Up Paint

Dulling paint is a car owner’s worse nightmare, the glimmer and overall appearance of a car depict how well it’s being kept up. No one wants to be associated with a dull and lifeless car; luckily there’s a way to fix it—automotive touch up.

Why Touch Up Paint Is Great For Your Car (And You)

You may remember the day you got your car off the lot—shiny, sleek, and new with a fantastic finish that you couldn’t wait to flaunt around town. Over the years, it takes some damages and wears and tear, and eventually, its coat isn’t so sleek and satisfying anymore—in fact, it’s becoming rather dull and embarrassing to drive around town. Vehicle touch up paint is one of the best alternatives to paying a pretty penny for a paint job that’s not designed to last. Touch up paint is not only affordable but DIY-friendly for car owners who take pride in their car’s appearance, they want it to look the best it can without breaking the bank. Touch up paint options are also fa

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Your Car is Scratched and What You Can Do

Choosing the color of your car can be a statement, a grandiose piece of art, an extension of you; an intimate part of your life like choosing which color to paint the walls of your home. There is a lot of options to choose from. Though, admittedly surprising, white has come out on top as the number one color chosen in North America. Nancy Lockhart, a color marketing specialist, has noted this choice of color has been number one since 2006.

Direct Line conducted a survey and came to the conclusion, according to the data, that 52% of all car damage reported is from the act of keying or scratched paint from various accidents both minor and major. In the case of keying, this spiteful act, if scratched deeply, can land you a repair bill between $300 to $3,000. Furthermore, insurance companies associated with home and vehicle, have linked claims of damage from hail and wind storms summing up 40% of losses for the past five years. It pays to cover your car or park it in a garage you migh

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What are you tied to? The Importance of the Anchor Point in Cargo Control

AAA conducted a four=year study that found errant debris was the cause of more than 200,000 crashes. Two-thirds of the 200,000 crashes in this four-year study by AAA were the result of improperly secured truck cargo. 500 people were killed and 39,000 were injured. With approximately 18% of all vehicles sold in the United States being pickup trucks, it is crucial that consumers and drivers consider all forms of vehicular safety, including truck bed anchors, truck bed hooks, truck tie downs and truck tie down straps to avoid accidents like these from continuing on the up rise in the future.

If you plan on transporting any kind of cargo in your pickup, safety is essential. But the reality is that not every driver takes the proper precautions to secure their load with truck bed anchors or silverado tie downs. They may not really understand the possible dangers that unsecu

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Taking A Closer Look At Caring For Your Car Here In The United States

Here in the United States, driving a car is very much a necessity for many different people. Not only does owning (or leasing, as the case might be) a car provide you with a consistent and very reliable form of transportation, but it ensures that you will never be without transportation when you need it the most. Even in parts of the country where systems of public transportation are extensive, the reliability of owning a car is still a huge draw for many people, and rates of car ownership still tend to be quite impressive indeed.

We can see clearly the importance of cars and other such motor vehicles when we take a look at the auto body industry of this country. There’s really no doubting the fact that the auto body industry of the United States is a thriving one, one that only continues to grow as the years pass on. According to recently gathered data, the auto body industry of the United States is currently worth more than $40 billion – but, again, this number is likely to grow

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Popular Fuel Filters for Diesel Engines, with FASS 150 Leading the Market

Diesel engines and diesel fuel filters are able to power some of the strongest engines around. Many of these need the greatest strength and reliability, especially for use in the transportation industry and semi-trucks. Diesel fuel pumps and diesel engines make up about 10% of all automobiles sold in the U.S., along with the same number of trucks. This adds the need for diesel fuel filters to keep the system running well.

Diesel Remains
Even with the growing trend of low-emission engines, hybrids, and electric cars, diesel engines are able to provide help to those making single trips ranging from at least 400 up to 800 miles. The diesel fuel pump and diesel fuel filter are able to process diesel fuel cleanly and efficiently. One of the most popular brands includes the FASS fuel filters and FASS fuel pumps.

FASS 150 Filters for Your Diesel Engine
FASS 150 filters set

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Creating a Custom Shelby Cobra

Have you always wanted to build a custom roadster? Have you daydreamed about creating a Cobra replica so real that it looks like the original? If so, there is good news for you. You can have the custom roadster you’ve always imagined by purchasing a replica car kit.

A Shelby Cobra kit can help you create an awesome muscle car that bring back the 60’s vibe that no longer exists in cars today.

A Quick History of the Cobra and Its Replicas

The first Shelby Cobra was created in 1962 by Carroll Shelby. It was a revolutionary both in looks and power and continued to be made until 1967. Although it had a short run on the market, that hasn’t stopped people for many years past to create replicas. Due to the limited time that they were created it is hard to get a hold of an original, so car enthusiasts create their own.

The Replica Market

It’s possible now to purchase all of the items you need for a replica kit from one place. Manufacturers provide full kits, bu

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7 Tips and Tricks for Turning a Bus Into a Home

Today, more and more people are looking for alternative ways to construct homes. Some are taking storage containers and turning them into houses. Another thing some people are doing is converting old school buses to turn into a new kind of mobile home. If that idea sounds appealing to you, there are some things you should do before you head out to find a new bus for sale for this kind of conversion.

  1. Get your budget together. When it comes to the budget you are going to need to take on this kind of project, the costs are greater than finding what you can spend on a new bus for sale. Your budget should also factor in the time you will have to spend doing the conversion. If you have the time and not the money, you may want to go for a used bus for sale and plan to do more on it.
  2. Write down what you can spend. Go over how much money you have and how much you will be willing to spend to do this project. When you have a set figure in mind for how much you can spend,
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Finding a New or Used Car at Dealer

Automobiles are nearly universal among American adults today, and around the world, tens of millions of cars are build and sold every year, often in staggering amounts. Major automotive nations such as the United States, Germany, and Japan produce some of the world’s most favorite brands and models today, ranging from a Ford Focus to the Nissan Altima line to Volkswagen. Many cars are sold new, and they have the most recent features, power, and design, but they are also the most expensive to purchase. For this reason, many other buyers instead opt to purchase used cars such as a used SUV or used trucks, or even used sedans that are in good shape. Used cars such as a lightly used SUV can be a great deal, and they can be found at both dealerships across the United States and also from private-party sellers. How can someone today find the right used SUV for them, or other trucks? And is a car lease a good deal?

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Prevent DUI with Car Breathalyzers and Ignition Interlock Devices

For a lot of people, owning a vehicle can be one of the most important conveniences of modern life. Owning a car can not only significantly increase the daily conveniences of commutes, but it can also open a number of doors of opportunity when it comes to traveling with your family for small trips and vacations. Moreover, for a lot of people, getting behind the wheel of a car can be a major thrill. Driving enthusiasts and car enthusiasts routinely enjoy this experience. If you fall into this category, it is important that you remember that driving is an activity that requires complete focus and alertness and it can be beneficial for you to make sure that you put into place every measure that is available to you that can deter you from driving when you are not completely in position of all your faculties and alertness.

One of the most important things that you need to prevent if you are a driving enthusiast is any kind of situation or circumstance where you might feel like driving