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Purchase New Tractor and Combine Tires

Farm equipment has come a long way over the years. The Agricultural Revolution is older than the written world, and humanity first began to cultivate its own crops for food and abandoned the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. For many centuries, animals such as horses and oxen plowed the fields, but in the 19th and 20th century, tractors took over this job. As far back as the 1910s, tractors and combines were sold to American farmers from coast to coast to make farm work easier on an ever-larger scale, and this continues today. Horses and oxen couldn’t possibly keep with modern demand. Instead, tractors and combines are hard at work, but they need some maintenance and repair every so often. Tractor tires may wear out or even burst on the job, and front tractor tires or their distinctive large rear tires may be bought as needed. Combines, too can have combine tires purchases from repair shops to get the machines back in working order. Good tractor tires can be found at a repair shop or online, and replacement tractor tires get these machines right back into the fields at work.

American Tractor Tire Industries

The United States is known for its ample farmland, and all this land is worked by tractors and combines alike. These machines have a lot of territory to cover, so they need the right parts. How far back does this industry go? Back in 1916, around 20,000 tractors were sold to American farmers, and they were massive, steam-powered models. Just 19 years later, in 1935, over one million tractors were sold, and this number has no doubt risen considerably since then. Often, American farmers are planning on investing in new hardware for their work, and this means better tractor models and their replacement parts, such as tires.

No tractor or combine can get its work done without a fine set of tires, and there is a whole industry built around this. In fact, the farming industry alone accounted for $535 million in replacement tires sales in the United States back in 2017, and farming tires are valued at $502 million in the tire and rubber industry. This is even larger than the off-road vehicle tire industry, which earns $401 million. It should be noted that even though tractors and combines have wheels, they are not classified as “vehicles” in the traditional sense, being equipment instead. Off-road vehicles encompass the likes of ATVs, mountain bikes, dune buggies, and more.

Who is producing and selling all these combine and tractor tires? Right now, Firestone has the largest market share, and according to Modern Tire Dealer, Firestone has a 22% market share in the market of small tractor tires. Goodyear is another big name, and it has a 15.5% market share of small replacement tires. Out on the fields, a tractor or combine needs tough tires that can endure the machine’s weight and transport it through fields of crops or across rough terrain. Tractors and combines don’t typically drive on paved surfaces, so they must endure rough terrain such as frozen ground or rocks. Tires are built to endure this work, but sometimes, a tire might burst or wear out, and a responsible farmer will know how to find a replacement.

The good news is that replacement tractor tires may never be far away. A farmer may soon acquaint themselves with nearby tire replacement shops for tractors and combines, and a farmer may regularly visit them when needed. A tractor or a combine may be awkward to dive on roads even if their tires are in good shape, though, and these vehicles can’t travel at the minimum speed required on highways. This is where trailers come in.

A tractor or a combine may be bought as a package deal; that is, the equipment is sold together with a trailer whose size and weight can accommodate the tractor or combine. This can be a fine investment, since an afflicted tractor or combine can be loaded onto this trailer, then towed somewhere else with a strong pickup truck. A tractor can be taken to a repair shop like this, or a tractor may be delivered to a buyer elsewhere. Roads and highways can be traversed like this without any undue trouble.

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