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Increasing Prospects With Vinyl Car Ads

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The more you drive, the more free advertising you could be gaining for your business. With vehicle wrap advertising, you can use your vehicle as a moving, portable billboard to capture new leads and customer interest.

For the most effective use of a vinyl car wrap, you should think of it like a very simple billboard advertisement. Your goal is get a customers attention and to get them to act, that is it. Frequently, businesses try to do too much with their advertising and miss out on lots of potential customers. Messaging becomes even more important when you have a limited amount of space to work with and viewers are potentially reading your content as they drive. You should plan out the most effective message before you look at a fancy design or graphics style.

First, vinyl vehicle wraps can completely cover you car or just a portion, such as the doors or rear windows. With the space limitations in mind, you need to think of a call to action first. Are you trying to encourage phone calls or website visits from your car wraps? If so, make it extremely easy for someone to read your contact info. They may have to both read it and memorize it for later as they drive past, so err on the side of too big.

Just as your contact info is critical for your vehicle wrap advertising, so is the headline or description of the problem you are solving. This is one of those cases where your business name might not need to be as prominent as a headline. Think in terms of your customers biggest problem and how you can get their attention. Offer to solve their issues in a short, succinct phrase or question and then give them a means to contact you.

Finally, since you want to track how many clients are contacting you based on your vehicle wrap advertising, you may want to use a dedicated phone number or web address just for those ads. If you have an accurate count of how many people are finding you from your vehicle wrap ads, you can make future decisions on the effectiveness of your message and whether to increase the car advertising. Continue reading here: Orange county vinyl wrap


Want to Save Money on Your Next Auto Repair? Three Tips

Updated 2/2/21

There are very few things that make good auto brake repair shops, and there are factors that you need to consider when looking for automotive service information. Are you a car owner looking for a good auto service shop? What should you look for in the shop?

It should be of the brand of your car. Thanks to technology advancements you can now easily search the internet for automotive repair sites. You get the auto services near you and get the kind of services the shop renders to the clients. It is easy to get the reviews and feedback of the shop from the online platforms.

Consult your friends, family, and colleagues for the best recommendations. Check for the certification of the shop. What automotive repair specials do they have that makes them a unique shop? Does the shop give the clients an automotive repair warranty after their services?

It is essential to seek a shop that grants warrant to be guaranteed reliable repair services. Ensure you work with a shop with the appropriate certification.

Remember to go to a convenient shop: the staff should also give excellent customer service. It is the foundation of getting the value for your money in auto services.

Did you know that the average person will own nine cars over the course of their lifetime? Along with owning a car comes the responsibility of getting a car fixed. All too frequently, something comes apart, and back to the dealership or repair shop we go. How can anyone save money that way? Here are three things you should know for the next time you run into a bit of car trouble.

1. Car Repair Calculators

Getting your car repaired isn’t like going to the grocery store and buying a gallon of milk. In other words, the price can be incredibly varied depending on where you go. One way to manage the difficulty of judging a fair price is to use car repair calculators beforehand. There are multiple options for this available online, such as the one posted to It will ask you about your vehicle, the service you need, and your zip code in order to determine approximate repair fees in your area. These estimates factor in average hours of completion, part prices, and labor costs, and reflect real time values.

2. Auto Part Websites

According to TopSite, the three best websites for getting used auto and body parts are CarPort, Wheelsboutique, and RockAuto. Why are you getting the parts yourself instead of letting the repair shop handle it for you? Basically and realistically, it’s cheaper, especially if you’re not picky. An auto repair shop will often have to install a new part, especially if nothing else is easily available to them. You, however, have time to check websites, auto salvage yards, and classified ads. Websites are especially useful if the part is rare. Sites like eBay motors also allow you to see feedback others have left about the dealer.

Car Repair Coupons

Luckily, shops want your service, and they’re willing to give a little in order to get your loyalty. Car repair coupons are easy to find, and not surprisingly, your best bet is usually Google. You can either search for specific establishments you’re familiar with, or simply enter the term “car repair coupons.” Google will automatically direct you at that point to coupons for the businesses closest to you. Right now, for example, Good Year has several offers, ranging from $20 off brake services to $5 off a conventional oil change.

Do you have advice for receiving cheap car repair? Let us know in the comments!