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Do You Own a Truck? Don’t Risk Your Haul, Consider Retractable Anchors

If you own a pickup truck, it is likely that you’ve used your truck to transport large items at one point or another; whether for yourself, or a friend who doesn’t own a truck. You may then be aware of how important it is to make sure the things you are transporting are securely tied into place while being transported, not only to insure the item doesn’t become damages, but also for the safety of other drivers.

What Are Retractable Tie Downs And Retractable Anchors?

Retractable anchors are tie down points that fit into stake holes that are found in the bed of your truck. In some cases these can be mounted to the wall of the truck bed as well, but in each case they work to anchor your cargo when it is tied in with straps. Truck tie downs are usually steel rings that can be attached to ropes, or other bindings so that items can be secured and prevented from jostling, moving, or falling out of the truck itself.

Because the rings and anchor points stick out from the